Oct 5, 2015


If there is one organisation that can understand the National Sports Day (HSN) initiative well, it would have to be Sports, Competition and Outdoor Recreational Experience (SCORE).

As the team responsible for several fitness mega events and organisers of the FitMalaysia, an initiative by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, it was surprise that SCORE will be hyped for the in augral HSN on Oct 10.

"No doubt it is an exciting time for sports and fitness in Malaysia," said its strategic director James Tan. "The birth of this programme (HSN) will create a greater awareness for our need to be fitter, which will culminate on HSN come Oct 10."

Tan, who was at the official launch of the SCORE FitMob Festival 2015 at KDU University College, believes HSN will be able to get its intended message out to all Malaysians, which is to become better and healthier.

"I believe deep inside, we all want to be better versions of ourselves, to be healthier and fitter. We are surely going to get a lot of people becoming more aware of the need to be fit. For most of our events, I can say that half of the participants came on their own, while the other half are participating because of friends. We expect the numbers to keep increasing," said Tan.

On the HSN initiative, Tan cannot deny that he thought the whole idea was very "cool".

"Yeah, I thought it was a cool idea, and it’s such a huge mega event spanning across the country. I believe HSN is also very important in helping the ministry (Youth and Sports) deliver its message across. We have a good partnership with the ministry, and so we are delighted to be a part of the programme," Tan added.

The SCORE FitMob Festival 2015, to be held at Stadium Merdeka on Oct 10, will be a massive gathering of fitness enthusiasts doing a group exercise while having fun. The festival will include programmes such as BodyCombat, Zumba, Kukuwa (African dance workout), and KpopXFitness. SCORE will also aim for a Malaysia Book of Records in the number of participants recorded for the BodyCombat event, which currently stands at 1,800 set by SCORE previously.

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, who was present at the launch ceremony, echoed Tan's message of Malaysians wanting to be healthier.

"About 4.4 million Malaysians are obese, and we rank number one in South East Asia for non-communicable diseases. In Malaysia, approximately 30% to 40% Malaysians exercise regularly, but this goes up to 70% for other developed countries like Japan, Australia and the UK. So, we have a very, very important agenda in our hands.

"On HSN, we must tell the world that Malaysia had enough of being unhealthy. On that day (Oct 10) across the country, from Perlis to Johor and all the way to Sabah and Sarawak, we want Malaysians to welcome HSN, and do the same every year. Sports will become our culture, fitness will become our culture, and we will become healthier," said Khairy.

The Youth and Sports minister was also happy with the reception he got at KDU, adding that he will be visiting Universiti Malaya (UM) next week to encourage more youths to lead a healthier lifestyle.

He also announced that almost 10,000 events have been confirmed to be held on National Sports Day.

"We also know that participation has exceeded the 3 million target, and it excludes schoolchildren who had to go to school on that day (replacement for public holiday). This is a huge achievement for HSN in its inaugural year," Khairy added, smiling.

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