Feb 27, 2010


MY dearest grandfather Savarimuthu Moses passed away this morning at 6.55am at the Sentosa Medical Center. He was 86 years of age.

He leaves behind my beloved grand mother, six sons , two daughters and 16 grand children and 6 great- grand children.

A former railway worker, he owned a sundry shop called Gabriel Provision Shop along Jalan Sentul for almost 40 years. He was a hardworker and fought his battle well. We admired him for his tireless hard work and dedication towards the family. He never spent a single cent on himself, instead he gave abundantly to the family.

My dad looked after him for almost 4 years after his health took a turn and it was understandably a heart breaking moment for him to see his old man go..... Truly, all of his 8 chidren fullfilled their duties toward their aged parents. They were raised well.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the friends who have called and reached out with comforting messages in this difficult moment.

To "Tata" may you rest in peace and may the Lord meet you at the gates of heaven and may your new life begin in JESUS CHRIST. Amen

Feb 25, 2010


Match Agents Regulations
At its meeting on 17 December 2002, the FIFA Executive Committee passed the following regulations in compliance with art. 16 par. 3 of the Regulations Governing the Application of the FIFA Statutes. To simplify matters, the use of the male gender in these regulations applies to both males and females.

These regulations govern the occupation of match agents who arrange matches between teams belonging to different confederations.

Any confederation that makes use of its entitlement to issue its own match agents licence (cf. art. 3 par. 2 of these regulations) shall ensure that its regulations are based on the guidelines contained in these regulations. In particular, the principles outlined under art. 4, 8, 9, 12, 16, 17, 19 and 24 of these regulations are binding for confederations.

I. Principles

Art. 1
The employment of agents to arrange matches shall be permitted (cf. art. 16 par. 1 of the Regulations Governing the Application of the FIFA Statutes).

Art. 2
Agents who arrange matches between teams belonging to different confederations must be in possession of a licence issued by FIFA (cf. art. 16 par. 3 of the Regulations Governing the Application of the FIFA Statutes)

Art. 3
Agents who arrange matches between teams from the same confederation must be officially recognised by the confederation in question (cf. art. 16, par. 2 of the Regulations governing the Application of the FIFA Statutes).

Confederations shall be entitled to make provisions to issue a licence of their own.
If a confederation makes use of this entitlement, a match agent who is either domiciled or has his headquarters within that confederation shall not be authorised to become a FIFA match agent unless he has already obtained a licence from this confederation.

If a confederation has no provisions to issue a licence, the match agent may obtain a licence from FIFA.

II. FIFA licence
Art. 4

Anyone wishing to obtain a FIFA licence to arrange matches shall send a written request to the FIFA general secretariat.

Only a natural person may apply for a licence. Applications from companies or clubs are not permitted.

Art. 5
The national association where the prospective match agent is either domiciled or has his headquarters shall enclose written confirmation with the application that the candidate applying for the licence has a good reputation it does not object to the candidate acting as agent to organise matches.

It is the responsibility of the national association in question to examine the application.


1. BOZIK Miroslav
Danau Permai Condo -

10-11-3 Jalan 3/109 F

58100 W.P.

Mobile:+60-1/2940 21 01

2. RASAMANICKAM Subramaniam E.
Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia
151 Jalan Kelang Lama,

Unit 3a-2nd Floor

Tel:+60-3/7980 43 69
Mobile:+60-12/287 48 79
Fax:+60-3/7981 43 69

3. SALAM SALAH Abdul Razak
Global-Link Sports Agency SDN.BHD
Level 20, Menara Standard Chartered


Tel:+60-3/2117 51 87
Mobile:+60-12/475 75 60
Fax:+60-3/2117 52 52

Feb 23, 2010


Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Malaysia's formula one team, Lotus Racing, must perform well in Bahrain next month to maintain the Lotus image and brand.

He said he believed that the team had their own mission to do their level best as failure to deliver would tarnish the famous name that they carried.

Dr Mahathir, who played an important role in setting up motoring sports in Malaysia, was speaking at the reporters after officially opening the team's factory in Norfolk, Norwich on Monday.

He was joined by the team's principal Tony Fernandes, his deputies Kamaruddin Meranun and SM Nasaruddin SM Nasimuddin, chief executive officer Riad Asmat and chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne.

Dr Mahathir jokingly said that the team's ability in building the car in such a short span of time had caused him to "lose his bet".

"I came here because I did not believe that they could get the car ready in time so I challenged them. You get your car ready and I will come to visit, so they got their car ready.

"So I lost my bet... fortunately no money involved," he said.

He said it took at least a year to build up a car, even with a prototype, thus it was very impressive when a team as small as Lotus Racing managed to get it done only in five months.

"I'm very impressed and can see that they have been very lucky that they found a factory hall ready for making cars. The factory belonged originally to Toyota and Audi and everything is in place so they have little need to do or add anything," he said.

He said it was also amazing that the team managed to gather quite a number of people who were very familiar with car-making.

Earlier, during a visit to the factory, Dr Mahahthir was given an opportunity to sit in the Lotus Cosworth T127 Chassis 02 while the engine was fired up.

Meanwhile, Fernandes said Lotus Racing was competing with the best in the world and he believed that it would do its level best despite having to operate with a limited budget.

It was not about having a lot of money but more about showing their true abilities to the world, particularly as Malaysians, he said.

Denying claims that the team had failed to attract sponsors because of its unknown abilities, he said:

"I know there's a lot of scepticism here but first of all, we only had five months, other teams had 10 years. Just wait and see and we did not put any time frame to bring in the sponsors.

"Our target for now is we want to finish the first four races. No, we don't aim for any positions.

"You race with the Ferrari and they have been racing since 1930, that has been 80 years and we only five months of age.

"Ferrari's budget is substantially higher than us, so get behind us and let's show the world what we can do."

Many people, he said, had asked about the budget but history had proven that having tons of money was not a key to success.

"I have great people. The energy, the innovation is something that money can't buy so I'm not too worried about it.

"Of course we would like to have big sponsors who could have give us a large cheque and we can be more competitive but that doesn't happen and we will make do with what we have," he added.

- Bernama


AFC president Mohamed Hammam appears to have signaled his intention to challenge Sepp Blatter for the FIFA presidency in elections next year.

Speaking at a press conference in Seoul, Hammam said: “We would like to see an Asian as the president of FIFA. This represents and reflects the importance of our continent. The AFC’s slogan is ‘The Future is Asia’.

(Pic:Jaiho with Blatter)

And this is true in all spheres of the sport.“I believe that the time has come for an Asian to come forward for this position. And there is more than one potential candidate available from Asia to lead world football.

When we have that person I hope the whole of Asia will unite behind him.”Blatter, 73, has said he will stand for a fourth term in office at the 2011 FIFA Congress. "I've not finished my mission in football yet. I need more time," he said.At the AFC Congress last May, Hammam survived a challenge to his FIFA Executive Committee seat following a bitter campaign characterized by personal attacks, power abuse claims and cash bribes for votes.

He retained the seat after drawing 23 votes to the 21 received by Bahraini royal, Sheik Salman bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa.And he appears to have buried the hatchet with Korea’s Chung Mong-joon, a FIFA vice president and member of the AFC Executive Committee, who had led a coalition of opponents against Hammam at congress. Chung is honorary president of the KFA.“We have had our differences.

We have used our differences for the benefit of Asian football. Today, our agreements are more than our differences,” he said of his relationship with Chung.“I have to thank Dr Chung for making this happen because in our executive committee meeting in November 2009 he told all the members that the past was past and it was time to re-unite behind the AFC president.”

His comments came at a press conference at the Korean FA headquarters on Tuesday. He was accompanied by Chung and Korea Football Association (KFA) President Cho Chung-yung.

Hammam also spoke about the two Asian bids for the 2022 World Cup, insisting he did not have a preference for Qatar over Korea in attempts to bring the World Cup to the continent.

The Qatari, who has headed the AFC since 2002, tried to clarify his position following his meeting with Korean president Lee Myung-bak on Tuesday.“For Dr Chung and myself, the first priority is to bring the World Cup to Asia. Who gets it is secondary,” he told reporters.

“AFC has 46 member Associations and we are representing their interests.”Hammam met with the Korean president on Tuesday and welcomed the country’s 2022 bid effort

But he offered warmer words for Qatar in talking up the strengths of the bid at the press conference.“There are so many advantages if Qatar gets to host the World Cup.

All the group matches can be played in venues which are within reasonable distance of each other.

So one can watch more than one group match the same day.“Secondly, Qatar will be representing the wishes and hopes of the Middle East. The Middle-East also has the legitimate right to seek peace through football and an event like the World Cup can replace the sorry story of wars.”

Feb 22, 2010


FORMER Philippines national player and PFF General Secretary Domeka Garamendi will take on the position as FIFA Assistant Development Officer in Kuala Lumpur on March 6.

It is learnt a couple of weeks ago, FIFA officials were in Kuala Lumpur for a meeting with the staffs.

Domeka is not a stranger to football administration, infact he has been actively involved in PFF and AFF for many years till he settled down in America after his marriage. I am sure this is a dream come through for him, and I wish all the best. I worked with him in many AFF tournaments.

While Domeka takes on the number two position, the future of the current acting head Jeysing Muthiah remains uncertain. Only time will tell if Jeysing will remain at the FIFA office. There are also rumours that Jeysing could be going back to FAM to manage the national teams.

The revamp in FIFA DO office is taking place, as AFC President Hammam Abdullah wants to consolidate his position especially after winning the FIFA executive committee seat only by two votes last year.

More heads to role... Maybe !

Feb 21, 2010


FIFA president Sepp Blatter said on Thursday he would have to face an Asian challenge when he stands for re-election next year.

“There will be candidates for the presidency for the FIFA presidency in 2011, from Asia,” he told reporters without giving further details.

Blatter, 73, was elected FIFA president in 1998 and has since been re-elected twice.

In Thursday’s edition of the English daily newspaper The Guardian, Asian Football Confederation (AFC) head Mohamed Hammam said he would propose the FIFA president should in future have a maximum period in office of eight years.

Qatari Hammam said he had support for the idea from other members on FIFA’s executive committee ahead of their March meeting.

“I genuinely believe eight years is enough for every president to focus on football,” Hammam said.

“I am going to insist that no future FIFA president serves for more than eight years. I hope this proposal will be endorsed and accepted.”

There are no rules on the length of presidency. Blatter’s predecessor Joao Havelange was at the helm for 24 years.

Hammam did not say whether he would be interested in standing for the most powerful position in football.

“It is still too early to decide,” he said. “There is more than one potential candidate (from Asian football) who can fill the FIFA president’s role. But when it is decided we have to stand behind them- Reuters

Feb 13, 2010


Indonesia’s surprise bid to host the 2022 World Cup seems to be over after a government official told Reuters today that the priority should be to improve the standard of the national team.

The ambitious bid by the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) relied on financial support from the government, who said they were more concerned with the team improving on their Fifa world ranking of 136.

“PSSI has been asking for the government to give a government guarantee and declaration. The (guarantee) has not been granted at this stage,” Youth and Sports Minister Andi Mallarangeng said via telephone.

Fifa’s deadline for the bid registration document to be handed to them is next Tuesday, leaving the PSSI little time to convince the government to change their mind.

PSSI secretary-general Nugraha Besoes told Reuters last month he was confident of securing the necessary funding in order to build seven new stadiums.

“The government position right now is our priority in football is how to improve our national team’s achievements,” Mallarangeng said.

Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, have only qualified for one World Cup in 1938 as the Dutch East Indies and will miss out on qualification for the 2011 Asian Cup after a disappointing display.

“We would like a team that is strong enough to go through (to) the World Cup by its own sweat, wherever the World Cup is being held,” Mallarangeng said.

“We want to have a good, strong national team that is the best in Southeast Asia and one of the best in Asia. A national team that wins the World Cup would make us just as proud wherever the World Cup is being held.”

Australia, England, Japan, Netherlands and Belgium, Russia, Spain and Portugal, and United States are bidding to host the 2018 or 2022 World Cups with Indonesia, Qatar and South Korea currently in the running to host only the latter tournament.

Fifa will announce the hosts of both tournaments in December. — Reuters

Feb 12, 2010


from left SAM vice-president Eric Samuel, president Ahmad Khawari Isa, Datuk Kamal Harun, F&N national corporate affairs manager and Jin Ye of F&N at the press conference)

The trio are among the top six nominees shortlisted by SAM ahead of the grand award ceremony, which will be held at the Petaling Jaya Hilton on Feb 20. The winner of the award will receive RM10,000.

The other nominees are swimmer Daniel Bego, divers Pandelela Rinong and Leong Mun Yee and the women’s badminton team who won the SEA Games gold medal in Vientiane last December.

SAM president Ahmad Khawari Isa said that this year’s event was made possible following the collaboration with 100Plus and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

There will also be awards for the media offering a total of RM40,000 in prize money. There will be seven categories and the winner of the overall award will receive RM7,000.

The national corporate affairs manager of F&N Beverages marketing Sdn Bhd, Datuk Kamal Harun, said that they would also present a special award for an “Outdo Yourself” category.- SportMalaysia

“It is an award for an athlete or team who had put in a Herculean effort to excel,” he said.- SportMalaysia

Feb 8, 2010



KUALA LUMPUR: The Youth and Sports Ministry has started its probe into the controversial purchase of two chalets in Port Dickson by the National Sports Council (NSC).

Its minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, in voicing his displeasure over NSC's investments in such properties, wants to get to the bottom of the issue.

“This happened sometime back and I’m unaware as to why NSC bought the chalets in the first place,” he said.

“I’ve been asking them (NSC officials) the same question. Buying chalets is not the core business of NSC.” Shabery was told, during a board of directors meeting six months ago, that the chalets were bought for the use of the NSC community.

“I was told it’s quite normal for some government related agencies to have their own property…a retreat for the staff.

“But I believe that when you buy a property, you have to spend money maintaining it. It would be cheaper to rent instead, as practised by big American corporations.”

Shabery has tasked the ministry’s secretary-general, Datuk Yasin Salleh, with heading the investigation panel. Asked if any NSC official would be hauled up for investigation or disciplinary action, Shabery said: “Let’s gather the facts first and investigate this matter thoroughly. I want to know the details before we talk about the next step.”

The Malay Mail, in its report last Thursday headlined NSC In The Soup – Again!, had highlighted that the council spent RM850,000 to purchase two Legend Water chalets in Port Dickson in 2004. This was revealed in the 2008 Auditor-General’s Report.

The then NSC director-general, Datuk Wira Mazlan Ahmad, had “verbally instructed” his officials, including current director-general Datuk Zolkples Embong, to buy the property without the approval of the board of directors.

There is no proper documentation of the transaction by the council.
The chalets, installed with jacuzzi and see-through floors with a view of the sea, were completed in 2006 and have not been used since.

Our report had also said that in purchasing the chalets, the NSC failed to comply with both the Government Contracts Act 1949 and the the NSC Act 1971. The Malay Mail later learnt that the purchase was kept under wrap for fear of “misuse by certain high ranking officials within the ministry”.

Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz, who succeeded Mazlan as director-general, claimed to have no knowledge about the chalets acquired.

“If the matter was brought to my attention (during my tenure as director-general) I would have informed the board. But I was equally in the dark.

“It’s a sad situation.

There’s nothing more I can say.”

This is not the first time NSC has been caught in a mess.

On April 29, 2008, The Paper That Cares had published an article headlined NSC’s RM22 Bill Raises Eyebrows, after learning that the council spent some RM22,335,867 on "professional services, celebrations and hospitality" in 2006.

NSC also recorded spending RM86.55 million under the National Sports Trust Account,exceeding its 2006 budget of RM45 million


THE heat is on NSC, the well known Citizen Nades puts pressure on NSC and demands for answers. Read it here

It is about NSC comes out clean, we want answers and it is simple as that.

Feb 5, 2010



NSC's Chalet fiasco: It was supposed to be a secret

NSC wanted to avoid misuse by some 'high ranking officials'
Friday, February 5th, 2010 11:38:00

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Sports Council, apparently, wanted to keep the purchase of the two premium chalets in Port Dickson "a secret".

Sources told The Malay Mail that the council was forced to keep the purchase under wraps for fear of it being misused by “higher ranking officials within the Sports Ministry”.

The Malay Mail, in its report "NSC in the soup — again!" published yesterday, revealed that the council was ticked off by the Auditor-General after purchasing two units of the Legend Water Chalets in Port Dickson for RM850,000 in 2004.

The chalets have not been used since their completion in 2006. According to the 2008 Auditor-General’s Report, the transaction between NSC and developer KL Metropolitan (M) Sdn Bhd was done without the approval of the council’s board of directors.

Apparently, the then director-general Datuk Wira Mazlan Ahmad had “verbally instructed” his officials to buy the property but no proper documentation of the transaction was done by the council.

Mazlan served as NSC director-general from 1993-2005.

The report pointed out that the purchase of the chalets, installed with jacuzzi and see-through floor paneling with a view of the sea, was not in compliance with the Government Contracts Act 1949 (revised 1979) and the NSC Act 1971.

The report even suggested that "disciplinary action" be taken against the officials involved for their failure to adhere to the procedures as stipulated by the governing law.

NSC director-general Datuk Zolkples Embong, who was involved in the transaction during Mazlan’s tenure as DG, admitted that the council has taken adequate measures to ensure all future transactions were recorded and done in an orderly fashion.

“We should have recorded it then but it didn’t happen. It was an oversight and it will never happen again,” said Zolkples.

“There wasn't any hanky-panky involved. It was a clean deal for the benefit of the NSC community.”

Zolkples kept mum when asked if the council had purposely kept the purchase in the dark from certain quarters.

“We’ve been pre-occupied and had no time to use the chalets.”

Zolkples was summoned to face the disciplinary board, chaired by the Sports Ministry’s secretary-general Datuk Yasin Salleh, last year.

“I presented the matter to the board last year (August) and they were receptive to the idea. I’ve replied to (Sports Ministry secretary general) Yasin’s letter explaining the whole transaction. I’ve also explained to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission."

When pressed if the chalets will ever be used, Zolkples said: “I’m just waiting for the clearance from the ministry and hopefully once everything is sorted out, we will be able to use the chalets.”

“In fact, I’ve yet to step into the chalets,” Zolkples added.

The council was also ticked off for hiring a consulting architect firm which was already de-registered by the Architect’s Board of Malaysia and the delay in the upgrading works for the Gymnasium 3 training centre in Bukit Jalil, national sailing training centre in Langkawi, athletes’ training centre in Gua Musang, the Community Sports Complex in Kepala Batas and the Saujana Asahan Complex in Malacca.

Zolkples stressed that he was only involved in two major projects — resurfacing of the NSC running tracks and the upgrading works for the gymnastics centre — since the start of his tenure as DG in 2007.

“When I took over, we were already on a tight budget. The upgrading works for the tracks is long overdue and a tender has been issued. As for the gymnastics centre, we have asked for a re-tender and hope the work will be done in no time.”

Efforts to contact Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek proved futile.

This is not the first time the NSC has received the rap from the auditor-general.

On April 29, 2008, The Paper That Cares published an article headlined “NSC’s RM22 million bill raises eyebrows”, where the council was found to have spent some RM22,335,867 for "professional services, celebrations and hospitality" throughout 2006.

NSC also recorded an excessive spending of RM86.55 million under the National Sports Trust Account, exceeding its budget of RM45 million, in 2006.


Purchase of water chalets irks Auditor-General
Thursday, February 4th, 2010 10:51:00


CONTROVERSIAL: The Legend Water Chalets in Port Dickson — Pic: Hussein Shaharuddin

PUTRAJAYA: Two premium chalets for RM850,000 — and they were never used since 2006!

The Malay Mail learnt that the National Sports Council (NSC) purchased two units of the Legend Water Chalets in Port Dickson without the approval of the council's board of directors.

This was revealed in the 2008 Auditor-General's Report. The report suggested "disciplinary action" be taken against officials involved in the transaction.

The purchase of the chalets, installed with jacuzzis and see-through floor panelling with a view of the sea, was not in compliance with the Government Contracts Act 1949 (revised 1973) and NSC Act 1971. The NSC comes under the ambit of the Ministry of Sports.

Section 2 of the Government Contracts Act states:


FLASHBACK: Our report in 2008

"All contracts made on behalf of the government shall, if reduced to writing, be made in the name of the government of Malaysia and may be signed by a minister or by any public officer authorised in writing by a minister."

Datuk Wira Mazlan Ahmad was NSC director-general from 1993-2005. He was succeeded by Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz. Mazlan admitted to having purchased the chalets during his tenure.

“I had no ill intentions in buying the chalets. It was for the benefit of the NSC community…from the officials to the athletes,” said Mazlan.

When asked why the Board had no knowledge of the acquisition, Mazlan added: "I had the power (to purchase anything below RM3 million) as vested by the Board to facilitate my day-to-day operations.

"I explained this to the Auditor General’s department and even the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. I’ve nothing to hide. The only ‘mistake’ in this whole transaction was that the management didn’t record it properly.”

The Sports Ministry’s secretary-general, Datuk Mohd Yassin Salleh, also confirmed the purchases and added that they “were not done in a proper manner”.

While not wanting to mention the names of the individuals involved, Yassin said:

“You and I know who were involved and they have been referred to the disciplinary board. Through the mandate of the Minister (Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek), I have been appointed as the disciplinary board chairman for this particular case. Letters were issued to the said individuals several months ago to explain the purchase. I’m still waiting for their reply,” Yassin added.

Meanwhile, Section 4(2)(g) of the NSC Act reads that the council is only able to "acquire or purchase or dispose of any movable or immovable property dealt upon such terms as the board deems fit".

Also in consideration is Section 4(2)(e) of the Act whereby the council can only act "with the approval of the sports minister in consultation with the minister of finance, to enter into equity participation in the development of sporting enterprises, and the provision of sports facilities and attractions".

It was revealed that the then director-general of the council gave a "verbal" directive to the management director to buy the chalets.

The sale and purchase agreement between NSC and the developers, KL Metropolitan (M) Sdn Bhd, was signed on Feb 6, 2004.

However, there is no evidence showing that the board approved the acquisition. The chalets have not been used since 2006.

Even if the council sold the said property without the knowledge of the board, it would still be deemed "illegal" based on the said Acts.

The Malay Mail visited the resort on Monday but were told to contact NSC in KL for further information on the chalets.

The Paper That Cares also spoke to several sports officials who were, however, in the dark about the chalets.

The Thomas Cup badminton team is expected to begin team building in Port Dickson in April but will be staying at a nearby hotel instead.

"Even if NSC sold the chalets, they had no right to buy it in the first place,” said an official.

“The NSC are fearful of ghosts terrorising athletes in the hostels but the real ‘ghosts’ are those sitting in the offices,” added another official, alluding to a supernatural incident that allegedly took place there recently.

This is not the first time NSC had been ticked off by the Auditor-General. On April 29, 2008, The Malay Mail published an article headlined "NSC’s RM22 million bill raises eyebrows".

NSC was found to have spent a whopping RM22,335,867 for "professional services, celebrations and hospitality" throughout 2006.

NSC also recorded excessive spending of RM86.55 million under the National Sports Trust Account, exceeding its budget of RM45 million in 2006.

Other issues highlighted by the Auditor-General

The 2008 Auditor-General's Report also touched on non-completion of upgrading works at the Gymnasium 3 training centre in Bukit Jalil, the national sailing centre in Langkawi, the athletes’ training centre in Gua Musang, the Community Sports Complex in Kepala Batas and upgrading works at the Saujana Asahan Complex in Malacca.

The National Sports Council (NSC) received an approved budget of RM92.80 million for these projects but had spent only RM50.31 million since November 2008.

Also in question is the proposed construction of a bowling alley in Gymnasium 3 which is estimated at RM6.42 million. Sources claim that despite the allocation, NSC “somehow do not have enough funds to carry on with the project”.

The Malay Mail learnt that the bowling alley project was scrapped after a study showed that it was ‘cheaper’ to rent lanes instead of constructing and maintaining an in-house alley.

Rental costs are estimated at RM25,000 a month.

Nevertheless, there are efforts to obtain additional funds from the forthcoming 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP).Also questioned was the consulting architect hired.

The report revealed that Arkitek Juarareka was hired as the main consultants for the Gymnasium 3 project through a memorandum of understanding signed on Oct 11, 2004.

However, Arkitek Juarareka was deregistered by the Architects Board of Malaysia on Jan 1, 2004!

Later, one of the firm’s partners initiated his own firm known as Ismail Hashim Architect.

After the dissolution of Arkitek Juarareka, Ismail Hashim Architect took over the consultancy role under the name of the former and continued to render services with a consultation fee amounting to RM1.88 million.

NSC had paid RM1.33 million to Arkitek Juarareka up to Nov 2008.

The report said:

“The Auditor-General believes that Arkitek Juarareka cannot render its services as consultant after the date of its deregistration as it is no longer legal. Ismail Hashim Architect, meanwhile, is not bound by any formal contract and this raises the risk of NSC in the form of liabilities."

NSC should have signed a new deal with Ismail Hashim Architect and apparently this was only done on June 16, 2009.

The Auditor-General's suggestions include the following:

• NSC must plan and scrutinise construction works from the start to ensure there is no repetition of failures or defects, if any.

• NSC must play a proactive role in scrutinising services rendered by the consulting firms to ensure works adhere to required specification, quality and completed within the projected time.

• NSC must check its buildings in detail after construction works to ensure that any damage or works that do not adhere to the required specification will be corrected by the contractor.

• Disciplinary action and surcharge to be taken against officials who are ignorant in fulfilling their duties, including the signing of the sales and purchase agreement of the chalets without the approval of the board of directors, and their failure in adhering to the workings of a contract as stipulated by the government.

Feb 2, 2010


FORMER FAM General Secretary and OCM Vice President Datuk Seri Dr Ibrahim Saad has been appointed as the Malaysian Ambassador to Philippines.

Datuk Seri Ibrahim was also the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang and one time Deputy Minister of Transport.

"Indeed it is a great honour to serve the country once again in the capacity of a diplomat" said Datuk Ibrahim.

JAIHO congratulates Datuk Ibrahim and his wife Datuk Zainab and wishes them a blessed stay in Philippines.

P/S.. Yogeswari may seek an audience with you to promote Everton in Manila.


Winds of change taking place in the sports writers world. It is learnt a few senior sports writers and top sports broadcasters will be joining the new Astro sports channel which will be launched In one months time. If this move takes place RTM is set to lose close 10 staff from the sports production department.

A senior sports writer from Malay daily has been tipped to take charge at the Channel as it Executive Sports Editor. The new channel will be operated in Bahasa Malaysia.

“We have enough of international news on the tv station, more coverage should be given on the local sports, why pay someone so much of money and yet we are not seeing enough local programs. All we see is MSL, badminton, are these two sports only known to Malaysians” said the high ranking government official.

“Indeed the move to have a local channel is good, we can have both local and international content as well, “ he added

I hope the channel will have a 1 Malaysia concept, every race must be included in the department, even though it is operated in Bahasa Malaysia. Afterall sports transcends beyond race and religion.

JAIHO wishes the new sports channel all the best.


TWO days ago, while having tea with a close friend of mine, he mentioned something about the stories that's being written in this blog, he had his own opinion. Finally he said "I am going to tell you something but you can't write about until an local paper writes about it, and then I asked him, what is it all about. He said " Miss Yogeswari was trying to be nice to the two journalist with an Everton golf cover"

So he went on to brief me on the details, and I said let the paper write about it. This morning at 6 am I picked the number 1 English paper, "The Sun" read here on the Everton deal.

"Already a (golf) driver cover with the “Everton” logo found its way to our desk, courtesy of a PR firm."

What a cheap exercise, sending a cover, maybe the party is waiting for the RM 10 million to actually send a Nike S60 Golf Driver that is used by Tiger Woods to the media.

It was not a PR Firm, it was Miss Yogeswari, Terence did not want to name her, she went there looking for Mr R.Nadeswaran, but he was not around.

See how the rakyat's money is wasted, I salute Terence for writing about it. Maybe some jerseys, merchandise and golf covers were also sent to other media desk. Maybe it's on the way from Goodisan Park

Maybe Miss Yogeswari can visit me for a cup coffee and discuss Everton further.

What a start to an early morning, have a a great day friends. Enjoy this music video dedicated to Yogeswari