Feb 2, 2010


Winds of change taking place in the sports writers world. It is learnt a few senior sports writers and top sports broadcasters will be joining the new Astro sports channel which will be launched In one months time. If this move takes place RTM is set to lose close 10 staff from the sports production department.

A senior sports writer from Malay daily has been tipped to take charge at the Channel as it Executive Sports Editor. The new channel will be operated in Bahasa Malaysia.

“We have enough of international news on the tv station, more coverage should be given on the local sports, why pay someone so much of money and yet we are not seeing enough local programs. All we see is MSL, badminton, are these two sports only known to Malaysians” said the high ranking government official.

“Indeed the move to have a local channel is good, we can have both local and international content as well, “ he added

I hope the channel will have a 1 Malaysia concept, every race must be included in the department, even though it is operated in Bahasa Malaysia. Afterall sports transcends beyond race and religion.

JAIHO wishes the new sports channel all the best.

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  1. new sports channel? sounds great! Especially if they broadcast MSL. Its really a pleasure of having two selected matches on the same time (on RTM1 and ASTRO)! but am I being too optimist? huhu