Feb 2, 2010


FORMER FAM General Secretary and OCM Vice President Datuk Seri Dr Ibrahim Saad has been appointed as the Malaysian Ambassador to Philippines.

Datuk Seri Ibrahim was also the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang and one time Deputy Minister of Transport.

"Indeed it is a great honour to serve the country once again in the capacity of a diplomat" said Datuk Ibrahim.

JAIHO congratulates Datuk Ibrahim and his wife Datuk Zainab and wishes them a blessed stay in Philippines.

P/S.. Yogeswari may seek an audience with you to promote Everton in Manila.


  1. Why keep all this old laundry? Swapping around portfolios like a card game. Make way for fresh new faces la...
    How can our younger generation be prepared to take over Malaysia someday? or do you all plan to only keep the elite in power by passing it on to their children?