Jul 31, 2010



Deputy President

Tengku Abdullah Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah - 29
Tan Sri Annuar Musa - 23
Vice President

Dato Hamidin - 27
Dato Abdullah Hishan- 19
Dato Subahan - 28
Dato Affendi - 20

DR Haji Hamdan - 29
Dato Takiyuddin - 33 votes
Dato Jeffrey Low - 25
Dato Astaman - 32
Dato Osman Salleh - 24
Hj Rosmadi - 24
Mej Rani - 31
Sivasundram - 31

Jul 30, 2010


This must be the closest fought FAM elections that’ll take place tomorrow in Holiday Inn, Shah Alam. While some candidates have shield away from the media, a few campaigned nationwide, speaking on how they can make Changes to FAM.

These people were talking as though they had already won. When tomorrow comes some of these candidates will not be able to accept the results.

I will not name or speak about these candidates, the main stream media have written enough on these candidates and who should be leading the FAM into the future.

However I feel after this election, the FAM needs to go through a massive restructuring to be more effective “For the Good of the Game.”

For a start the new committees that’ll be spearheaded by the various elected members, should be given a free hand to appoint suitable committee members.

Secondly to be more efficient, the FAM needs to be staffed by the right people for the job. Right now the FAM is overstaffed and is run like a “government department.” Just look at the FAM website and you’ll know what I mean.

The joke that is making the rounds is that the FAM has more staff than the Asian Football Confederation. So restructuring begins here.

My 3-hour chat with HRH Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, the FAM president on Thursday morning revealed that he was concerned about how the finances are being managed.

“Our fixed deposits are strong but we cannot be depending on it. We need to revamp our marketing structure to boost our finances” said Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah.

Did FAM learn from the sacking of the three coaches? Did FAM learn from B. Sathianathan, the former national coach who took them to the labour court? There are four labour court cases pending. A former FAM general secretary is also suing the National body. FAM hired Zaid Ibrahim & Co to defend them. Whose money is all this?

This never happened in the past because the FAM had a knowledgeable administrator in Dato Seri Paul Mony Samuel, who handled issues professionally.

“I am always criticized by the media. Actually it is supposed to be collective responsibility. I don’t wash dirty linen in public, because this is a family and in family we solve problems and overcome our challenges together” added Sultan Ahmad Shah.

The saddest thing that has developed is the poor relationship between the affiliates and FAM. The damage is so bad that I don’t have the space to touch on their problems and grievances against FAM. But then again because it is Sultan Ahmad Shah many affiliates actually bite the bullet and remain calm.

“Using the media to criticize an affiliate is wrong. There is a way of talking to them. Can a father shout at his son in public for a mistake he has made? I don’t think it is right. The world is facing financial crisis, people are losing jobs, and our affiliates are facing financial difficulties. As President it is my duty to help them” said Sultan Ahmad Shah who became President in 1984.

Those who are elected have to work hard, and ensure that FAM moves forward, especially now as the national team is moving up the ladder. I am quite certain the newly elected members and individuals will give nothing less but the best.


The Harimau Muda team’s dream of playing in the Slovakian National League (Division Two) has gone up in smoke.

The much-talked about competitive stint is not possible any more as the Slovakian League has kicked off a fortnight ago, throwing a spanner in the works of coach Ong Kim Swee’s build-up to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics.

Datuk Razali Ibrahim, the Deputy Youth and Sports Minister, said in a statement yesterday three options were available for the FA of Malaysia (FAM) to choose to expose the Harimau Muda team.

“The Harimau Muda can opt to play 12 warm-up matches in Slovakia against professional clubs similar to their previous three-month stint in February with an additional four international friendlies against countries around the region.

“The second option is for the players to go on attachment training stint with the South Korea Football Association and Cardiff City, an English Second Division outfit.

“The third option is to send the team on a playing tour overseas. The cost of funding the team for the three is more or less the same,” said Razali, adding that their ultimate aim was to find the most affective training programme suitable for the players.

A final decsion will be made at tomorrow’s FAM congress.- the star

Jul 26, 2010


The Malaysian Under-23 squad pulled off a famous 1-0 victory over the South Korean Under-23 squad in an international friendly match at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil here Sunday.Safiq Rahim was the toast of the Malaysian side after breaking the deadlock in the 50th minute with his thunderous shot beat Lee Bum Soo in the South Korean goal after his initial free kick was parried into his path by the goalkeeper.

A heavy downpour before the start of the match made playing conditions difficult for both teams but the Malaysian boys adopted better to the wet and slippery conditions to trouble the South Koreans.Mohd Zaquan Adha Abdul Radzak drew first blood when his shot from inside the box went wide in the fourth minute.Despite facing a side from a country that has reached the World Cup finals seven times since 1986, K. Rajagobal's boys who were a blend of players from the Under-21 and Under-23 squads, showed tremendous determination, commitment and skills throughout the match.

Stunned by the goal, the speedy Koreans launched a spirited waves of attacks but the Malaysian defence held on stoutly for the famous victory.The last time Malaysia played against South Korea was during the 1995 Merdeka tournament when the senior Malaysian side beat South Korea 2-1.Despite the rain, about 30,000 fans braved the wet conditions to see Malaysia, ranked 142 in the FIFA World rankings, beat South Korea, ranked 44th.

When approached by reporters after the match, Rajagobal said the team needed more such exposure to maintain consistency ahead of the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, in November.He said tonight's win did not guarantee that the team would churn out victories consistently.

Meanwhile, South Korea's coach Hong Myung Bo said the wet pitch slowed down his charges pace but his boys gained much experience from the exposure.

SOUTH KOREA : Lee Bum Soo, Park Hyung Jin, Jeong Dong Ho (Sin Se Gye), Kim Oh Kyu, Jang Suk Won, Lee Chang Yong, Jung Woo Young, Go Moo Yul (You Sun Gon), Jeong Hyun Cheol (Cho Yung Hoon), Park Hee Seong, Kim Dong Hee (Kim Dong Sub).

MALAYSIA: Mohd Sharbinee Allawee, Mohd Sabre Mat Sabu, Mohd Nasriq Baharom (Mohamad Muslim Ahmad), Mohd Aidil Zafuan, Amar Rohidan, Mohd Asraruddin Putra, Safiq Rahim, Mohd Zaquan Adha, Kunalan Subramaniam (Ahmad Shakir Mohd Ali), Norshahrul Idlan Talaha (Baddrol Bakhtiar), Ahmad Fakri Saarani (Mohd Khyril Muhymeen).-- BERNAMA

Jul 20, 2010


Read it Here

The Youth and Sports Ministry's secretary-general Datuk Yasin Salleh has dismissed the notion there was anything "fishy" in the tender process to supply and install gymnastics equipment at Gymnasium 3, National Sports Council (NSC) in Bukit Jalil.

Several companies involved in the tender process informed Mailsport they were clueless to why the tender, which was first published in local dailies on June 29, 2009, is yet to be awarded.

Mailsport received a list of the 17 companies, together with their quotations, but was told three companies — one belonging to a former national gymnast, another to an events management company, and the third based in Kuala Terengganu — were shortlisted.

The quotation ranged from RM1,625,873.45 to RM4,963,007. No details were given about the type and quality of equipment to be supplied.

The quotes by the three shortlisted companies ranged from RM2,796,465 to RM2,978,990. Insiders claim the tender — with reputable equipment and warranty — is estimated at RM2.4 million.

"Why has it taken so long? What was the criteria used to select the three companies? The ministry can go on the defensive but we know several individuals in NSC are calling the shots," alleged a contractor.

"If they had done this earlier, the organisers of the just-concluded Asean Schools Championships would not need to go running elsewhere for the equipment. Applying for tenders is nothing new to us so they can’t claim we didn't fill up the forms properly."

Another source claimed the tender was being stalled for a more opportune time to decide — when Yasin, who is also the chairman of the tender board committee, vacates his position.

Apparently, Yasin — who will leave office on July 31 — is said to be thorough with such dealings, thereby frustrating several parties. "We don’t know the names of the companies as they are identified through tender codes (numbers)," explained Yasin.

"The first tender was announced last year but it was opened to only bumiputera companies. So we re-issued a fresh tender for Gymnasium 3 earlier this year (Feb 26, 2010) and opened it to all companies, bumiputera or otherwise."

When asked about the quote submitted by an events management company, Yasin added: "Anyone is free to submit as long as they conform to regulations."

To allegations that several parties were anxious for his departure, Yasin said "it will make no difference who replaces me". It was also learnt the three shortlisted companies have submitted the same brand of equipment, but quoted differently.

"Some of the quotes were well within the RM2.4m value of the tender and yet were not considered under the dubious reason that the equipment was not internationallyrecognised. And we had already supplied the same equipment for some major international competitions," said another bidder.

Malaysian Gymnastics Federation (MGF) secretary N. Shanmugarajah, who clearly didn't want to be drawn into the issue, stated the national body was only involved in the pretender period.

"We do not get involved in the tender process. I don’t know what's going on," he remarked.

The consulting contractors for NSC, Perunding Kos Putra, also declined comment. "We’re not at liberty to discuss such matters. Please talk to NSC," said its general manager, Abdul Wahab Taib.



Something very fishy is happening in NSC regards to the supply of gym equipments. 17 companies tendered for the job, only three selected but they are all on the high sight of the other companies. The tendered has been suspended for the third time. It is learnt that they are waiting for Datuk Yassin the KSU to retire?

MACC should go in again, the smell is getting very bad !

Jul 17, 2010


FOOTBALL Association of Malaysia (FAM) is in a mess over the sacking of three coaches.
At times, I am not aware if FAM understands the process of sacking a coach, I am quite certain if Azraai, Azman and Mohan sought for justice at the labour court they will be compensated and once again FAM might be unprofessional in dealing with the situation.

If you want to know how its done, ask former national B.Sathianathan who took FAM to labour court which resulted in FAM needing to settle out of court!

First and foremost, all these three coaches were not given any 'show cause' letters or memos' till date. Decisions were purely made based on the interpretations of the committee.

In reality, the FAM technical committee is not qualified to delibrate on the matter as they are unaware in total, of what actually transpired in Slovakia. All information was based on an insider's report and confessions made by the players.

Only two individuals in FAM were involved in this Slovakia plan.

In fact, I have enough proof to say that the FAM exco never met to discuss the reasons for this Slovakia trip before the team departed.

It is learnt that the FAM President Sultan Ahmad Shah, is hurt and upset that once again FAM is blamed for a matter poorly handled.

Is this how an association is run ? Is this how a once reknowned association is being managed ? Shame on you I say ! Some people are only there to manage their very own interests!
If that is the case, then heads must roll. This is not how FAM should operate .

Tomorrow the FAM council meets and i understand that the Sultan is going to make an important shocking announcement. We await the shock with much anticipation.

While other Asian countries have advanced to the world football arena FAM remains crippled and somewhat plagued with unending pointless drama..

Read FAM General Secretary statement here

Jul 15, 2010


The new leaders were elected last Saturday through a fair and constitutional election process eventhough one member decided to resign during the election process and labeled SAM with all kind of names . Read here for the interesting description by Rizal Hashim.

SAM is not UMNO, MIC or MCA all the leaders who belong to this party, are given very good packages and rewards but not in SAM. SAM purely takes care the welfare of the members.

When Khawari took over SAM last year, we only had 50 members but today SAM has 145 members and the team is taking a lot of initiative to do more for the members.

My advise to this individual, since you have resigned from SAM tried to cause fraction among the members, why don't you form "Persatuan Cap Ayam" and became it's first President. I am quiet sure many people in the "AYAM" business will join you.

To the new team, JAIHO wishes you all the best ! May the FORCE be with YOU!

Jul 12, 2010


Former Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) deputy president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah is expected to make a comeback to the fold after a three-year break.

Tengku Abdullah when expressing his readiness to comeback, said it was an offer (referring to his nomination by affiliates for the deputy president's post) that was so good to refuse.

"It is one offer that I find difficult to say no," said Tengku Abdullah on Sunday.

Tengku Abdullah who first took up the post in Feb 1992, relinquished his post in March 1993 but returned to the fold in Feb 1994 and held the post until he decided to resign in July 2007.

However, Tengku Abdullah added that seven candidates were said to be eyeing for the post.

"I too have been nominated and I feel it is an honour to me. I hope the affiliates will give me their full support so that I can make a comeback," he said.

Tengku Abdullah said football was still in his blood, but if his return would cause a split in the association, he would rather stay away.

The FAM's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on July 31, would also see the election of office bearers for a four-year term from 2010 to 2014.

Posts expected to be contested during the AGM are post of president, deputy president (two posts), vice president (four posts) and eight council members.

FAM secretary-general Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad had earlier said that incumbent President Sultan Ahmad Shah had already given his consent to helm the association.

The two incumbent deputy presidents are Datuk Redzuan Sheikh Ahmad and Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar while Datuk Che Mat Jusoh, Datuk Affandi Hamzah, Ahamad Mohamad and Datuk Gulzar Mohamad were the four vice presidents before Gulzar decided to resign in November last year.

Tengku Abdullah who is the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) president and Royal Malaysian Polo Association, president said his current positions would not prevent him from allocating quality time for his new post.

He added that since hockey was in the right path, it would help him to divert more time to football.

Jul 5, 2010


More than 15, 000 people came together to join in the thrills and spills of the Nike Cup Kuala Lumpur 5 vs 5 Challenge 2010 Grand Finals at Dataran Merdeka today.

Everyone was treated to a carnival-like footballing atmosphere as well as a live concert feast from dusk to dawn.

A total of 360 teams from all over Malaysia locked horns with each other in their pursuit for glory. However, only one team nailed the Grand Prize which is an all-expenses paid trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to train at Granja Comary, the Brazilian national team’s home.

Enjoy FC were the well-deserved winners after routing Belia Seri Perantau 5-0 in the final.

Meanwhile, Penang outfits SMK Guar Perahu edged out TCK 3-1 in the final of the 14-16 age-group category to earn themselves a three-month training stint with Malaysia’s Brazilian Academy.

Popular Indonesian band, Nidji, spearheaded an array of local superstar acts and entertained the crowd with their onstage energy and persona which had their fans calling for an encore by the end of the show.

Among the local bands were acclaimed Pop Shuvit, One Buck Short, Bunkface as well as Indie music performers in the likes of Pesawat and Forty Winks.

Nike Malaysia Marketing Manager Menaha Nadaraja said Nike has always strived on building a sound platform to work on sports development by conducting numerous youth projects and that with the encouraging signs and response, they would continue with their support.

"I have been with these kids every weekend since the Nike Cup Kuala Lumpur 5 vs 5 Streets Soccer 2010 started on May 22. For young people, sport, play and exercise are vital for optimal growth and learning, and social development. It communicates key messages, bring diverse groups together and teach valuable life skills in a way that is fun and participatory.

“Nike strives to be a leader in the field of sports by transforming the lives of young people.The opportunity to play and train in the Mecca of football – that is Brazil – is one of the dreams for any footballer. So you can imagine how it will touch and light up the life of budding footballer, as the young ones we see here before us.”

“Nike is committed to transforming dreams into reality, and this event is one of the models with which we do that,” said Menaha.

Malaysian national football team chief coach K. Rajagopal praised Nike for the continued contribution towards the country’s development in sports and singled out the brand as example-setters.

“Nike has always shown support for sports in this country from grassroots to the top level. With tourneys such as this Nike Cup, they give youths something to look forward to.

“We have the talents in this country but what we lack is developing these uncut diamonds into true treasures. What Nike has been doing is great and I hope they will continue to help with the country’s sports development with projects like this,” said Rajagopal.


SMK Guar Perahu will refine their skills at the Brazillian Football Academy in Malaysia after clinching the 14-16 age-group title of the Nike Cup Kuala Lumpur 5 vs 5 Challenge 2010 by defeating TCK 3-1 at Dataran Merdeka on Saturday.

Hailing from Penang, the decision by the five boys to make the trip to the city of Kuala Lumpur two month ago was justified.

“When we first heard about the Nike Cup challenge and the prize they offered, we jumped at the chance at once by trying our luck in the first round of the qualifiers at the Bukit Bintang rooftop. And we ended up winners of that as well!” said SMK Guar Perahu skipper Mohammad Firdaus.

“Ever since then, we have been training for the finals by playing on streets. All our efforts have finally paid dividends.”

With the morale-boosting win, Firdaus and his mates were in bouyant mood and looking forward to more such tournaments to showcase their skills once they are done training at the Brazilian Academy.

“We want to improve, and where better than at a renowned soccer school such as the Brazilian Academy? Then, once we are done there, we will take part in more tournaments and hopefully add more silverware to our trophy cabinet!

“We also hope Nike will have this tournament again next year. By then we will be able to qualify for the older category. Then, we can start training and hopefully, earn the right to go to Brazil!” he optimistically proclaimed.



SMK Guar Perahu (A three-month training programme with the Brazillian Academy in Malaysia & RM 2,000 worth of Nike products)


TCK (RM 5, 000 worth of Nike products)


They entertained the crowd with some fancy footwork and play, whitewashed their opponents and most importantly, Enjoy FC samba-ed their way to Brazil by emerging the winners of the Nike Cup Kuala Lumpur 5 vs 5 Challenge 2010 at Dataran Merdeka.

With a scintillating display of teamwork and passing that even soccer kings Brazilians would have been proud of, Enjoy FC ran riot against Belia Seri Perantau 5-0, in the final.

At the final whistle, Enjoy FC’s players and supporters celebratedthe win which came with a trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for a training stint at the Brazilian national team’s football training camp in Granja Comary.

It took awhile for Enjoy FC’s Captain Marvel Mohd Sheqal Salim and his teammates to digest the magnitude of their feat as it has been a lifelong dream to train in the land of the football gods of Brazil.

"First and foremost, we would like to thank Nike for giving us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this. They helped aspiring footballers like us realise our dreams," said the nippy Mohd Sheqal.

“We talked among ourselves about how awesome it would be to win the tournament. Now, we are on an entirely different planet. But we will snap back to reality and start packing our bags for Brazil the moment we reach home."

All five boys will board the plane for Brazil on August 9 and will be part of a youth training programme for 12 days. They will also take with them RM2,000 worth of Nike products which came with the winning prize.

“No matter what, luck always plays a role. Not everyone will get a chance like this. So, when we come back, we want to share our knowledge and experience with our friends and family. We will teach them the way football should be played...Brazilian style!”



Enjoy FC (An all-expenses paid training stint to Brazil and RM2,000 worth of Nike products)


Belia Seri Perantau (RM 5, 000 worth of Nike products)