Jul 5, 2010


SMK Guar Perahu will refine their skills at the Brazillian Football Academy in Malaysia after clinching the 14-16 age-group title of the Nike Cup Kuala Lumpur 5 vs 5 Challenge 2010 by defeating TCK 3-1 at Dataran Merdeka on Saturday.

Hailing from Penang, the decision by the five boys to make the trip to the city of Kuala Lumpur two month ago was justified.

“When we first heard about the Nike Cup challenge and the prize they offered, we jumped at the chance at once by trying our luck in the first round of the qualifiers at the Bukit Bintang rooftop. And we ended up winners of that as well!” said SMK Guar Perahu skipper Mohammad Firdaus.

“Ever since then, we have been training for the finals by playing on streets. All our efforts have finally paid dividends.”

With the morale-boosting win, Firdaus and his mates were in bouyant mood and looking forward to more such tournaments to showcase their skills once they are done training at the Brazilian Academy.

“We want to improve, and where better than at a renowned soccer school such as the Brazilian Academy? Then, once we are done there, we will take part in more tournaments and hopefully add more silverware to our trophy cabinet!

“We also hope Nike will have this tournament again next year. By then we will be able to qualify for the older category. Then, we can start training and hopefully, earn the right to go to Brazil!” he optimistically proclaimed.



SMK Guar Perahu (A three-month training programme with the Brazillian Academy in Malaysia & RM 2,000 worth of Nike products)


TCK (RM 5, 000 worth of Nike products)

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