Jul 17, 2010


FOOTBALL Association of Malaysia (FAM) is in a mess over the sacking of three coaches.
At times, I am not aware if FAM understands the process of sacking a coach, I am quite certain if Azraai, Azman and Mohan sought for justice at the labour court they will be compensated and once again FAM might be unprofessional in dealing with the situation.

If you want to know how its done, ask former national B.Sathianathan who took FAM to labour court which resulted in FAM needing to settle out of court!

First and foremost, all these three coaches were not given any 'show cause' letters or memos' till date. Decisions were purely made based on the interpretations of the committee.

In reality, the FAM technical committee is not qualified to delibrate on the matter as they are unaware in total, of what actually transpired in Slovakia. All information was based on an insider's report and confessions made by the players.

Only two individuals in FAM were involved in this Slovakia plan.

In fact, I have enough proof to say that the FAM exco never met to discuss the reasons for this Slovakia trip before the team departed.

It is learnt that the FAM President Sultan Ahmad Shah, is hurt and upset that once again FAM is blamed for a matter poorly handled.

Is this how an association is run ? Is this how a once reknowned association is being managed ? Shame on you I say ! Some people are only there to manage their very own interests!
If that is the case, then heads must roll. This is not how FAM should operate .

Tomorrow the FAM council meets and i understand that the Sultan is going to make an important shocking announcement. We await the shock with much anticipation.

While other Asian countries have advanced to the world football arena FAM remains crippled and somewhat plagued with unending pointless drama..

Read FAM General Secretary statement here


  1. Bro hentam lagi la . Ini orang semua kena hentam cukup cukup . Dia orang ingat FAM di orang punya, FAM kepunyaan rakyat bro.

  2. FAM has never learned they made a mistake sacking Sathia and he took them to labour court, Salomi was sent representing FAM, so who is going to represent FAM now ?

  3. This is similar to Kramer v Kramer...therefore to find the best solution so as the children are best cared for it should be FAM Lawyers versus AAM (Azraai, Azman, Mohana) Lawyers and let Judge Dredd decide...as for details which are sensitively private and confidential...this can discussed in Judge Dredd's Chambers.

    The most important thing is for Malaysia Super Tigers to continue training hard working hard and playing hard.

    For the Game. For the World.