Jul 15, 2010


The new leaders were elected last Saturday through a fair and constitutional election process eventhough one member decided to resign during the election process and labeled SAM with all kind of names . Read here for the interesting description by Rizal Hashim.

SAM is not UMNO, MIC or MCA all the leaders who belong to this party, are given very good packages and rewards but not in SAM. SAM purely takes care the welfare of the members.

When Khawari took over SAM last year, we only had 50 members but today SAM has 145 members and the team is taking a lot of initiative to do more for the members.

My advise to this individual, since you have resigned from SAM tried to cause fraction among the members, why don't you form "Persatuan Cap Ayam" and became it's first President. I am quiet sure many people in the "AYAM" business will join you.

To the new team, JAIHO wishes you all the best ! May the FORCE be with YOU!


  1. Sure ah SAM have 145 members? Better be true...previously SAM has in it's registered book around 300 members. Ada renew ka takda..Heard nothing new about SAM members and it's attitude towards the association..Tell the truth la..hehe

  2. Jaiho, I agree that Bang Khawari did a good job in expanding SAM's membersahip. As sports Writer, I feel all of you have an important role to play not just angkat and polish apples of some big sports organisation.
    I feel all of you know the problems in the sporting community and every sports body have their problems and their story to tell.
    I noticed and I may be wrong, with Asian Games around trhye corner, not many body dare to take on OCM and the nonsense that is going on there. Take for example NAAM or the Archery boys who seek the amendment of OCM constitution to put an age bar of 70 to the Board members. Save for Fair Play, I see none of the established sports paper like " Plain & Simple" taking on OCM.
    Why is this? Is it because to cover the Asian Games you need to get OCM to sign your Press accreditation?
    SAM as you say take cares of its members, but I say that SAM owes a greater duty to the Sporting Malaysian Public. They must cover and highlight problems without fear or favour.
    Jaiho, you have on many occassion taken the Bull by the Horn and get shot in the process, but we the silent public have glowing respect for that courage. Now I am asking SAM and its members to show their courage. OCM is a good body to start with.