Jul 30, 2010


This must be the closest fought FAM elections that’ll take place tomorrow in Holiday Inn, Shah Alam. While some candidates have shield away from the media, a few campaigned nationwide, speaking on how they can make Changes to FAM.

These people were talking as though they had already won. When tomorrow comes some of these candidates will not be able to accept the results.

I will not name or speak about these candidates, the main stream media have written enough on these candidates and who should be leading the FAM into the future.

However I feel after this election, the FAM needs to go through a massive restructuring to be more effective “For the Good of the Game.”

For a start the new committees that’ll be spearheaded by the various elected members, should be given a free hand to appoint suitable committee members.

Secondly to be more efficient, the FAM needs to be staffed by the right people for the job. Right now the FAM is overstaffed and is run like a “government department.” Just look at the FAM website and you’ll know what I mean.

The joke that is making the rounds is that the FAM has more staff than the Asian Football Confederation. So restructuring begins here.

My 3-hour chat with HRH Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, the FAM president on Thursday morning revealed that he was concerned about how the finances are being managed.

“Our fixed deposits are strong but we cannot be depending on it. We need to revamp our marketing structure to boost our finances” said Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah.

Did FAM learn from the sacking of the three coaches? Did FAM learn from B. Sathianathan, the former national coach who took them to the labour court? There are four labour court cases pending. A former FAM general secretary is also suing the National body. FAM hired Zaid Ibrahim & Co to defend them. Whose money is all this?

This never happened in the past because the FAM had a knowledgeable administrator in Dato Seri Paul Mony Samuel, who handled issues professionally.

“I am always criticized by the media. Actually it is supposed to be collective responsibility. I don’t wash dirty linen in public, because this is a family and in family we solve problems and overcome our challenges together” added Sultan Ahmad Shah.

The saddest thing that has developed is the poor relationship between the affiliates and FAM. The damage is so bad that I don’t have the space to touch on their problems and grievances against FAM. But then again because it is Sultan Ahmad Shah many affiliates actually bite the bullet and remain calm.

“Using the media to criticize an affiliate is wrong. There is a way of talking to them. Can a father shout at his son in public for a mistake he has made? I don’t think it is right. The world is facing financial crisis, people are losing jobs, and our affiliates are facing financial difficulties. As President it is my duty to help them” said Sultan Ahmad Shah who became President in 1984.

Those who are elected have to work hard, and ensure that FAM moves forward, especially now as the national team is moving up the ladder. I am quite certain the newly elected members and individuals will give nothing less but the best.


  1. Wah Jaiho, pergi tak ajak pun...

  2. Well said , i think FAM needs to be restructured and capable ppl must be hired to manage FAM, not the one with agenda

  3. saudara rizal... u pun dulu mengadap tuanku tak ajak jai ho.... hee hee... anyway steady christopher..

  4. Unfortunately the Competition is given the priority over the Marketing, where elsewhere its the other way round.

    And its all about power, not brains.

  5. Jaiho,

    The 'family' metaphor is very weak IMHO. If running an organization with family-like fashion, apparently, it'll be a dynasty. It will all be about power and defending it to the last of all tears.

    If so that they're treating everyone in there like family, what will happen to a father when the child is a drug abuser? I doubt a father would disown the child so easily ..

    In the real world, a family institution will never be a professional institution.