Feb 22, 2010


FORMER Philippines national player and PFF General Secretary Domeka Garamendi will take on the position as FIFA Assistant Development Officer in Kuala Lumpur on March 6.

It is learnt a couple of weeks ago, FIFA officials were in Kuala Lumpur for a meeting with the staffs.

Domeka is not a stranger to football administration, infact he has been actively involved in PFF and AFF for many years till he settled down in America after his marriage. I am sure this is a dream come through for him, and I wish all the best. I worked with him in many AFF tournaments.

While Domeka takes on the number two position, the future of the current acting head Jeysing Muthiah remains uncertain. Only time will tell if Jeysing will remain at the FIFA office. There are also rumours that Jeysing could be going back to FAM to manage the national teams.

The revamp in FIFA DO office is taking place, as AFC President Hammam Abdullah wants to consolidate his position especially after winning the FIFA executive committee seat only by two votes last year.

More heads to role... Maybe !


  1. More heads to role... Windsor was the best la .. bro u know it ...

  2. Best of luck to Domeka! Welcome back to this part of Asia where he belongs