Feb 2, 2010


TWO days ago, while having tea with a close friend of mine, he mentioned something about the stories that's being written in this blog, he had his own opinion. Finally he said "I am going to tell you something but you can't write about until an local paper writes about it, and then I asked him, what is it all about. He said " Miss Yogeswari was trying to be nice to the two journalist with an Everton golf cover"

So he went on to brief me on the details, and I said let the paper write about it. This morning at 6 am I picked the number 1 English paper, "The Sun" read here on the Everton deal.

"Already a (golf) driver cover with the “Everton” logo found its way to our desk, courtesy of a PR firm."

What a cheap exercise, sending a cover, maybe the party is waiting for the RM 10 million to actually send a Nike S60 Golf Driver that is used by Tiger Woods to the media.

It was not a PR Firm, it was Miss Yogeswari, Terence did not want to name her, she went there looking for Mr R.Nadeswaran, but he was not around.

See how the rakyat's money is wasted, I salute Terence for writing about it. Maybe some jerseys, merchandise and golf covers were also sent to other media desk. Maybe it's on the way from Goodisan Park

Maybe Miss Yogeswari can visit me for a cup coffee and discuss Everton further.

What a start to an early morning, have a a great day friends. Enjoy this music video dedicated to Yogeswari

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  1. Ha ha ha engkau ini memang suka sangat berjenaka la ... apa engkau dapat ha ha .. tak kan kelab sebesar everton ini cuma dapat bagi cover.