Jul 15, 2009


AFTER three month's of absence at the local stadium, I went and watched the Malaysian match against Zimbabwe at the Shah Alam Stadium..

Now I am not going to write about, the match it makes no different to me on the scoreline, because I am firm believer that a team's performances can only be measured in a competition and not in a friendlies like these.

I met a few FAM officials and had a chat with them and listened to what they had to say about the entire issue that Zimbabwe is not in Malaysia with it's national team but a club side called "Monomotapa ".

Putting all this aside, my only concern is who actually paid for the trip and who took care of the expenses of the visting team. If it is not FAM, someone should have paid ?

FAM has strongly denied that they have paid any money and infact the Zimbabwe team is actually funding their own expense. But are they so rich to fund their own campaign here. Very unlikely.

"Does it make sense to pay RM 200,000 for this kind of game ? For that amount of money we can host a 4 nations tournament." said the FAM official.

Are the bookies involved ? Could the bookies be bringing such a team to Malaysia ? It is learnt from reliable sources that the agent is from Singapre and he has a very established relationship with the African countries. Yesterday the matches was placed on a few betting companies online. I am certain that FIFA will not be to happy to find out that a club represented the national team.

I just hope that the bookies are no longer involved, because if they are then I can safely say that "Malaysia Football will REST IN PEACE ".


  1. I know who paid ... the bookies in Singapore ... all these players are the africans who are selling perfumes and leather goods in Singapore ...

  2. This was really scandalous on Monotapa's part. The pictures lhave been going through on the net show Monomotapa in Zimbabwe national team kit. Monomotapa use a red and white kit and lm still wondering if they did that to dupe Malaysia or they were innocently representing the inactive national side. Thanks for your articles Chris. lm a sports reporter from Zimbabwe.

  3. FIFA will investigate and decide.

    For the Game. For the World.

  4. Nothing surprise's us anymore.

    10 days for national team to prepare for MU match while only 5 days given to Sathia to prepare for UAE match. Which is more important, friendly or competitive match!.

    And FAM has the balls to talk about improving our FIFA ranking.

  5. Nothing seems right with the adminstration of FAM. Please investigate which department is arrangging this shameful matches. They might be involved with the bookies too!!