Jul 21, 2009


WHILE National Under-23 coach K.Rajagopal says that Malaysia target for this SEA Games should be qualifying for the second round, but FAM Deputy President Datuk Redzuan Sheikh Ahmad said that winnning the "GOLD MEDAL" for the Under-23 team is the target.

Sometime I wonder if FAM knows what they are talking aboout. These are the same people who placed target for B.Sathianathan and what was the result?

These are the same people who spoke about Key Performance Indicators (KPI'S), improvement of FIFA ranking, video analysis. Where has all that gone too now ?

A special committee was created the National Team Management Committee, what is the outcome ... ZERO , the recommendations was not even presented to the EXCO.The video matches and technical analysis was not made available. So who are we kidding here FAM .

"The team which played yesterday (Saturday) comprised mostly Under-23 players with the addition of four seniors and it is going to continue that way," said Redzuan

"Countries in the region, especially Myanmar and Vietnam, are exposing their young players and we must do the same."We have a structure from the Under-12 level onwards which will supply players to future national teams. Our focus must be on becoming leaders in Asean first and the Sea Games is our target.

"We are not going to aim for the sky when we don't have the ammunition." Redzuan added that FAM president Sultan Ahmad Shah was delighted with the national team's performance in the 3-2 defeat to United at the National Stadium.

"Tuanku was very happy and pleased with the performance. This young squad will mature with time and we believe we are doing the right thing by exposing this team," he added. Malaysia are due to play two matches against Indonesia in Palembang on Aug 5 and Aug 8 while a trip to China is being arranged for late September at the invitation of the China FA.



  1. Tunggu saja ranking terbaru yg akan dikeluarkan oleh FIFA dalam sehari dua ini dan sama-samalah kita tengok kedudukan Malaysia selepas mengalahkan Zimbabwe sebanyak 2 kali.

    Jatuh atau naik? Kem salam jer kalau naik. gua berani potong telinga beb

  2. Is this person for real?.

    Same old song - either rebuilding or young team.

    Sathia was exposing the youngsters too. What happen - FAM got no patients/clue.

    Structure from under 12?. Only Dato Redzuan anf FAM council members can see this invicible structure of Malaysian football development.

    High time to go Datuk & Gang.

  3. kalau sathia masih coach tentu syed audney masih jadi keeper...