Jul 23, 2009


Sportswriters' image has been tarnished by some sports journalists demanding for favours from certain sports officials.

Recently, a journalist requested an official who returned from an international assignment, to get him an expensive liquor bottle. This journalist was then treated to a sumptuous dinner in a well known sea-food restaurant.

To add further insult, the journalist expected the sports official to virtually feed him with stories. There were times when the official fed him some information in confidence, hoping that he would have a better understanding of certain situations. However, the writer went on to abuse his trust and used the "classified" information given to him.

JAIHO who recently met the official during the Manchester United match against Malaysia, was told that the journalist's behavior has backfired and is seriously considering reporting him to his employers.

This particular sports journalist even has the audacity to call and and shout at officials when other papers have a story and he has missed it.

Some messages sent by this unscruplus sporwriter have been revealed to JAIHO and he is embarrased .

What has sports journalism come to??!!! And these are the same people who write about sports associations' misdeeds and faults'. They ought to look at the man in the mirror before hurling brickbats at others!

P/S - Please don't call me to ask who this journalist is.. I don't want to tarnish his bosses good name and the paper he works for.


  1. WOW expensive whisky and sea food, maybe he also asked for massage and a shot .. What kind of people are this la bro ... hmmm journalist pun sama macam politician la

  2. I know who is this la ... the poster boy .. the good looking one.. he thinks so . ha ha malu malu malu

  3. please let the cat out of the bag...sea games laos 2009 is too near...we have to finalise the media squadron.

    for the game. for the world.

  4. rafabenitez_subangJuly 24, 2009 at 4:49 PM

    better quit his job la bro.....

  5. Jaiho, he's not the first and wont be the last either.

  6. sea games also same la...everything in malaysia also same la...malaysia boleh.!!! memang boleh!!! selection of sportsmen for archery is done in the dark, favouritism is superb towards the msn athletes, why ah???? i ask u u ask who? back fires and still comes back to me...no point la...make your money and chow...like the mp said before, Kalau u tak suka, u boleh keluar dari malaysia" malaysia boleh!