Jul 28, 2009


The Chengdu Football Association has struck a deal with the regional government for land on which to build a Futsal Park for the benefit of the city.

Earlier this year, AFC President Mohamed Bin Hammam presented Chengdu officials with a cheque for US$530,000 as part of AFC’s Social Responsibility Department's aim to help the region recover from last year’s devastating earthquake.

The Futsal Park is moving closer to reality with the Chengdu FA forging a contract with the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Government for a 20-year lease on 26,680 square metres of land.
“Surely it (the futsal park) will play an important part in Chinese football,” Chengdu FA President Gu Jianming wrote in a letter to Bin Hammam. “The support from AFC and Friends will always be remembered in the hearts of Chengdu citizens.”
Of the $530,000 handed over to Chengdu in April, $250,000 came from AFC's Social Responsibility Department. The rest was a combined donation from the Football Federation of Australia, ECN, the English Premier League and Chelsea Football Club.

The Chengdu FA has revealed a stunning design for the Park with a horseshoe-shaped pavilion leading out to 12 futsal pitches, 10 of them using artificial turf. The building will also have a gym, restaurant, conference rooms and other facilities.

The Park is expected to open around spring next year and Bin Hammam is looking forward to being present at its launch.

“I am impressed with the strikingly stunning design and innovative concept of the Park,” Bin Hammam said in a latter to the Chengdu FA. “It would give me great pleasure to return to Chengdu next spring, in the Year of the Tiger, to inaugurate the Chengdu FA Futsal Park.”


  1. Hmmm in five years time China will be a superpower in FUTSAL too, Malaysia needs FIFA's help to build a new FUTSAL turf.

  2. Even Malaysia with a longer history of futsal does not have this kind of infrastructure set-up. In a few years time China will overtook us in futsal, same like when other nations did in so-called 'our' sports such as sepaktakraw, silat, hockey etc. Squash and lawn bowls? Do we have anyone to replace Nicol David? I'll say enjoy it while we can.