Jul 10, 2009


Dear YAM Tunku,

The OCM's victorious office bearers seem to have taken a new approach to olympic ideals and ethics, judging from the contents of the OCM Highlightsposted on 7th June 09. I am totally disappointed.

Olympism says "accept victory with humility" not "humiliate the losers - and if needs be use generalisations and half-truths to achieve your objective" OCM talks about people bad-mouthing, lying , slandering,and making disparaging remarks against incumbent office-bearers. But people in sport know thatit was certain high profile OCM officials who were doing this.

There are even written materials, e-mails and media releases to this effect, especially from the Hon Sec. In fact the Hon Sec has even said he will destroy anyone who stood in his way. Obviously, OCM's concept of values, ethics and fairplay aredifferent from the IOC's.

During the lead-up to the AGA, I had ample opportunities to "lie, slander and bad-mouth" and also expose a few hidden truths that would have been worse than the lies and slander. I did not do this despite the pressure from several quarters including the media. This was just because I thought it would have reflectedvery badly on your leadership,YAM Tunku, your Deputy's and that of a few other innocent people on the Board. The media was ready to run some juicy stories.

would have reflected very badly on your leadership,YAM Tunku, your Deputy's and that of a few other innocent people on the Board. The media was ready to run some juicy stories. The OCM Highlights boast about the "good track-records, honesty, integrity and dedicaion" of the incumbent office-bearers.

While this may be true of a few of them, the rest have to rely on half-truths, generalisations and exaggerations to boost their achievements. "All the candidates who challenged the incumbents...failed to contribute any or minimum benefits to sports development or the organisations they served." I don't go round boasting about the things that I do ... in fact I never talk about it. But if needs be I can draw up a list for the Board.

Anyway what has the Hon Sec to show after more than 2 decades in OCM and its corridors of power? (For those whom the truth matters, it will be interesting to find out why he was bundled out of ASUM when he was its Sec Gen and what he did when he was pushed out.) You don't have to be a geat psychologist to determine the psyche of the Hon Sec OCM. Anyone can tell you that his is the mind of a DESTROYER not aBUILDER.

He cannot build, he can only destroy. Because he cannot build, he has to destroy what others build so that he can remain OCM's SUPREME LEADERcontrolling everything and ensuring everyone depends on him. He has now become so obsessed and hungry for power that he now uses half-truths and lies to achieve his objective. If that doesn't work, he will shout, scream, fight, quarrel, abuse, etc until everyone either agrees with him or runs for cover includingsome members of the Board! The OCM's new rules and definitions on ethics, values and fair-play are certainly okay as we are now clear how the game is to be played.

It will now mean that the bad-mouthing, slandering and mud-slinging will also be directed at the OCM. There may be no holds barred and a lot of people can be dragged to the mud. Its ok with me. I am not very high above the mud and my fall will hardly make a splash. I don't even consider myself news-worthy. It will certainly not bethe same for the OCM leaders sitting on the high pedestals of national and international bodies ... IOC, CGF, OCA, NSAs, etc. This is not a threat by anychance.

But I am disappointed,sad and angry about what the OCM has become. Instead of becoming more and more indifferent, let's hope that the OCM leadership takes control and acts responsibly. Let's hope that we use the IOCconcept of ethics which is built round JUSTICE, HONESTY, RESPONSIBILITY AND BENEFICIENCE, and not what is being practiced by the DSKC school ofmanagement.

Thank you for your patience.



  1. The whole OCM board must go, then sports will have a fighting chance of surviving

  2. very sad. what to do. we have stupid affiliates who are also blind and probably deaf.

  3. All the same only bro!

  4. For your info Anon 10:57, some of the affilaites were not stupid...They did try to change the status quo but was overwhelmed by those who earlier supported by the idea of change for a few miserable shirts and sponsorships induced by some incumbents.

    Yet it's the same incumbents who spoke off No to money politics...who are they trying to kid if this was not money politics (phps value-in kind politics). Some of the incumbents play dirty but yet say they have integrity and honest...what bull!

    Yes...the status quo remains...will they be happy with the results? YES they are...but they are not satisfied...they are bend of destroying the challenges by what even means SKC can think off.

    Olympic spirit in OCM...another crock. Tried as SKC and his cronies would make others believe but they doesn't and won't prescribe to the Olympic Spirit.

    As once I did say in another blog...MACC should investigate OCM - more particularly SKC and his dealings as SC or OCM! After which, MACC should go down the line of the other office bearers and a particular staff of OCM.

    Things are turning from bad to worse after the recent OCM AGM.

    Those who have voted or stand down for SKC and his cronies are morons of the worse kind. They care for themselves and their own positions in their sports associations then wanting to change for a better sports environment!

    What OCM was trying to stop from coming in ... politicians ie Datuk Ibrahim Saad...has actually manifested in OCM itself...playing poltics in its worse kind.

    YB Sports Minister...OCM election is far more worse than you can imagine and not the mild manner or lest played election as you think.

    OCM only cares for themselves and not the NSAs ... maybe perhaps those cronies of SC would receive favourable sponsors but how about the other NSAs? What do they get?

    OCM doesn't exist by themselves but from the existence of the NSAs. I do hope...and pray that some one with "balls" would stand up against SKC at the next AGM and defeat him ... match him in his dirty mud slinging games and bundle him out of OCM once and for all.

    Tunku you are a good and diplomatic man but unfortunately you have been deceived by SKC once too many times. He cares for himself and his own kind. All others he will destroy.

    Do the right thing and get him out before he gets you out!

  5. Reading MP Haridas's letter,you can rest assure that whatever is written is true. Apa boleh buat, kalau orang tamak kuasa. Rasanya Setiusaha MOM tak mahu resign kerana dia ingat dia seorang yang sungguh chekap. Tapi pepatah orang, setinggi tinggi tupai melompat akhirnya akan jatuh ketanah juga. Should have another call for the election and than you will know that there are people who will stoop down very low to destroy other people's life. What ever people do they have to realise that God is still the supreme.