Jul 19, 2009


The narrow 2-3 defeat by the Malaysian side against Manchester United was a result of a 'no fear mentality' instilled among his players said coach K. Rajagobal, Saturday."After undergoing several weeks of training at the Trafford Training Centre in Carrinton (Manchester United's official training ground) several years ago, Sir Bobby Charlton always focused on "No Fear In Football" which has motivated my style of management," he said.

Despite the English Premier Champion scoring two quick goals through Wayne Rooney and Nani in the first-half, the Malaysian side, made up of mainly Under-23 players, showed a great deal of determination in the match."During the first-half break, I told the players to play with urgency in the second half. I also told them that there should be no fear in football, even when facing a formidable side like Manchester United," said Rajagobal, who admitted that changing too many players when the score was tied 2-2, had changed the complexion of the match and outcome.

"We made too many changes and that cost us the match when newly signed striker Micheal Owen scored the winner," he said.Nevertheless, Rajagobal was happy with his side's performance."In the rematch on Monday, the narrow defeat will further motivate them to perform even better than today," said Rajagobal who is expected to maintain the same line-up.

Meanwhile, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was awed by the speed, open play and enthusiasm displayed by the Malaysian side."It was nice when we were leading 2-0 early in the first half but were surprised by Malaysia's first goal.

Then, into the second half, I noticed that Malaysian players were more determined and played with high enthusiasm, particularly, in ball possession," said Ferguson or fondly known as Fergie.The tour is the Carling Cup and World Cup Club champions' fourth trip to Malaysia, after 1991, 1995 and 2001 when they hammered a Malaysian side 6-0. Asked about the Malaysian team's improved performance, Alex said: "Absolutely, it has improved since the last tour and that is good."


  1. Congratulation to our Malaysian squad.Scoring double to equalize in 60th min against Manchester United was out of this world! Salute Mr. Rajagopal! Thank you Amri, what a comeback!

  2. why the double standard? why tony m and son misusing the media accreditation was never exposed by you? birds of the same feathers, flock together? shameful la...ASIAN BOWLING REVIEW name being used to get media pass to Malaysia Man United match...tony m got no money already ka? all the inheritance from ex minister, what happen la?

  3. Dear Anon 2:01:- Thank you for visting this blog, As far I know, to approve or to reject is the FAM media departments right, not mine. Tony applied the pass as a blogger. I did not see his son holding a media pass. So I can't comment on that. Former NST Writer Dan Guen Chin to applied for pass, and FAM gave it to him under Photographer, it was a mistake made my the media department.

    Anon you and I are not in the position to accuse him.

    "Birds of the same feathers, flock together" well it does not apply to me bro I am an Eagle, I am on my own, but of course when there is something that is not right, whether its Tony, Hafizal, Rizal or any media members I will fight it out. I believe in "MALAYSIAN TEAM" we don't use racial slurs,race, religion as an excuse not to treat one right.

    In future if you have something personal with Tony I suggest you visit his blog.

    Thanks Bro and God Bless You..I also know who you are ...

  4. Well said Jaiho.

    Why dont Anon highlight the V/VIP's who only appear when the big Euro teams are in town. Where are they, when we play Singaopre, Vietnam etc.

    At least Tony has been a loyal follower of Malaysian football thru the good and bad times.

  5. Mister G, kindly xpose the name, or shuld I?? We know these officials are champions in exposing themselves when team like Chelsea Man Yoo etc etc in town. Even I was surprised to see the team manager at the bench. I really thought he's a gone case, coz didn't turned up for few big meetings. That's FAM anyway...