Jul 21, 2009


THE Media friendly known President Sultan Ahmad Shah, expressed his disappointment over the series of article that was written by the afternoon daily in regards to "ZIMBABWE" team's presence in Kuala Lumpur last week.

In the FAM exco meeting it is learnt that the ruler of Pahang said "I am disappointed that a paper which was known to have reknown writers, have come to this state. I am disappointed with the writer, editor for twisting the facts. They should have contacted me to get a clearer picture."
It was also learnt that what really angered him was when the Malay Mail used "STUPID" in a photo caption.

"The writer wrote an apology but to me it sounded very scarstic, I did not see any sincerity in that piece at all" said the Sultan.
I called three exco members and they said the same thing, that for good 15 minutes, that Ahmad Shah spoke about the stories written and how disappointed he was
"Tuanku was very angry" said an exco member

It is also learnt that he has instructed FAM General Secretary Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad to send a legal letter as soon as possible.
FAM claims that the afternoon paper made factual errors by accusing FAM that they have paid RM 225,000 for the Zimbabwe team to be here.
"Chris you know Tuanku, he is very open to criticism, and you can ask him any questions he will not snub you. Infact he is very friendly to the local media. But what was written was very unfair." said a senior exco member.

Other Decision:-

1. Young Tigers might see action in the Super League next year.

2. Competition Committee to review MSL in theree months time.

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