Jul 22, 2009


Mohd Amri Yahyah will become a legend and a folk hero of Malaysian football. The 28-year-old from Tanjong Karang will be hailed alongside some of the former greats, among them the late Mokhtar Dahari and R. Arumugam, “Raja Bola” Datuk Abdul Ghani Minhat and Matlan Marjan, who scored two goals against the visiting England team in the 1980s.

Amri will be a household name and remembered for his double strike in the national team’s spirited showing against English Premier League giants Manchester United in the first match of the Red Devils’ pre-season Asian Tour, which Malaysia lost 2-3 in Kuala Lumpur on July 18.
More so, the classic volley when he surprised United No. 1 goalkeeper Edwin van dar Sar from 40 metres out. He also rounded United’s former England goalkeeper Ben Foster to put Malaysia on level terms.

“It feels like being in a different world now,” said Amri yesterday.

“Whoever I meet, they talk of the two goals and congratulate me. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am happy to have left behind something for the fans to remember.
“In fact, I need to thank national coach K. Rajagopal for giving me the break to don national colours after a three-year break.”
The Selangor skipper has been going great guns and has been playing consistently well for the Red Giants this season.Selangor have won the Charity Shield (defeating Kedah 4-1) and the FA Cup (defeating Kelantan 4-1 on penalties).

Last night, Selangor clinched the Super League title when they thrashed Police 6-1 at the Selayang Municipal Council Stadium.

Rajagopal should also be credited for taking a bold step in naming only four seniors in the national team, comprising Under-23 players preparing for the Laos SEA Games in December. Besides Amri, the other seniors in the team were Indra Putra Mahayuddin, skipper Norhafli Zamani Misbah and V. Thirumurugan.- THE STAR -



  2. The writer of this article either does not know what makes a legend or is simply dumb.

    To put this kid on the same padestal as the late Supermokh, Spiderman and Raja Bola (or even Chin Aun, Santokh Singh, M.Chandran and the rest from the two Olympic teams) is an insult to these men, who built their reputation over years of football of the finest quality.

    Maybe this kid can be put on the same level as the other Singh who thinks he's a Malaysian football legend.

  3. Mister G correct correct, first of all ask him to be discipline first..

  4. Rather than take a dig at Amri Yahaya, I think the writer of the story should be the one to face the firing squad.
    Indeed, it is an insult to equate Amri with the likes of the late Mokhtar Dahari, late R. Arumugam, Datuk Soh Chin Aun, Ghani Minhat and the rest who were truly legends of their era.
    To acclaim Amri to be a legend is a joke. He was give the lifeline by national coach K. Rajagobal after being in the wilderness for three years! How can he be a legend.
    Yes, he scored an excellent goal against MU and had the instinct and coolness to slot in the second. But that does not make him a legend.
    I am surprised that the story actually saw print. Whoever the writer, he is indeed a legend for making a grave error like this!

  5. legend or not..the most important thing is this boy scored against MU and this is something that we should be proud of as malaysian.

    we malaysians..especially malays are more keen in "MENJATUHKAN" sesama kaum rather then compliment or giving the support. this is very bad for our malays community..

  6. Amri is an overnight hero.....even no one speaks about the two goals matlan marjan scored....but people do speak about mokhtar and the rest.....stories about them do come out often in the papers....maybe Amri will be given a Datuk title....one might never know....

    Ramanujam, Tamil Nesan

  7. Amri The Legend??? Aiyooo please la...our legend stops at Aru, Baie, Chin Aun, the late Super Mokh & the rest of their era. Period!!!

  8. "AMRI YAHYAH : Malaysian Modern Football Legend"

    for me, that was reasonable to say. Maybe I'm not even born yet during the time of SUperMokh or Raja Bola, but let we think for a while..Can we ask for more than what Amri did? He deserve to be a legend. During his earlier era (when Bertalan Biskei was Malaysian coach if i'm not mistaken), Amri was such a good player. And now he made a comeback as Selangor's captain and give an electrifying performance in MSL, all the Malaysian football goers admitted his magnificent performances till lead his club won 3 titles already this season. His 2 goals against Man Utd is just to tell all the Malaysian how good he is and to remark his presence in Malaysian football history. Salute Amri.