Jul 22, 2009


"What's the difference between a blowhard or a braggart and somebody that gets it done ?" I recall a time when Mohammed Ali used to get up and say, "I'm the Greatest. I am going to whoop you, I'm going to destroy you," to his opponents.

Ali was fighting George Forean in the famous "RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE." George, at the time, was invincible. He couldn't be beaten. He was the hardest puncher Ali ever fought.

He punched harder than Joe Frazier or Sonny Liston.He could take the hardest punches and would never go down. And also he was much younger that Mohammed. George foreman was such a great fighte that he knocked Joe Frazier and knocked him down six times. Mohammad was Ali was past his prime. What he went out and did that night was amazing.Ali�0was smart. He had watched videos of Foreman's previous fights and he didn't tell anybody, not even his trainer.

He watched a video of Foreman fighting three people in one night.Foreman knocked the first guy out immidiately. They were all journeyman fighters. The fight with the second was closer, but he knocked him out after four rounds. In the fight with the third guy, Foreman almost did not win.He had a time. Mohammad Ali saw this and he knew Foreman's weaknesses - he gets tired.

For five rounds of the flight, Ali didn't throw a punch. Ali did the "rope-a-dope" and just leaned on the rope and let Foreman throw the punches to his body. Foreman had trouble hitting his face.

Angelo Dundee, his trainer said "Champ,Champ we can't let you take this anymore." Ali said "What are you talking about. By the fifth round Foreman was finished.Then all of sudden in the sixth round, Ali started pummeling Foreman who�0had nothing left. Foreman was completely helpless and Ali knocked him out in the eight round.

This was the greatest fight ever !

Mohammad Ali talks big, but he also delivers the goods.

His advise is "Have a BIG ego, but do not be egotistical. A big Ego is a positive thing.

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