Sep 30, 2009


Pointing fingers is not going to absolve you from the sin of your putting into publication false and unverified news.

Further the truth of the matter is, you never asked if there was going to be a contest for the deputy Presidency and yet you went forth and splashed a non existent contest putting our congress and the 'contestants' who are good friends in a bad light.

Your oblique retraction later, the second time in about a week, only endorses my press release that you are given to going to print with matters not verified,

My advice to you is to always submit to your editors articles which have been verified by the relevant authorities so as not to betray the trust your superiors have in you and not to put the association or its officers in bad light as you have done the past few days

This will be my last response on this matter.

sidney tung

sec gen mtbc

cc president and council members of mtbc.

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  1. Well sidney replied already matter cleared