Sep 25, 2009


This story was written, when I was still with New Straits Times. Tengku Abdullah was brave enough to quit, now that Sultan Ahmad Shah has indicated to loose cannon read here that he would quit end of next year, it is probably the time for Tengku Abdullah to make a return. But the AFC Vice President needs to move with a new set of team if he wants to make any changes to Malaysian Football.

Tengku Mahkota of Pahang Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah said he decided to quit as deputy president of the FAM after considering the need for "new people" to replace him.Denying it had anything to do with the atrocious performance of the national team at the Asian Cup tournament, Tengku Abdullah said he had voiced his intention to step down since last year.

However, he hinted that negative public feedback on the declining standard of Malaysian football had, to a certain extent, influenced his decision."I have been with FAM for so long and feel that it’s time for new people (to take over)."I am also receptive and understand the views from all quarters such as those voiced by the fans, supporters and critics.

I have done my level best under the circumstances."Tengku Abdullah was met after launching the state-level World Blood Donor Day celebrations at Indera Mahkota here yesterday."I would like to thank everybody.

I think I had done enough (for Malaysian football) and now want to concentrate on something else."His advice to the existing FAM officials and those who are to join them in future was for them to show full commitment towards improving the standard of Malaysian football."I do admit that time constraint was a factor which had prevented me from fully devoting myself (to the FAM)."

Tengku Abdullah ruled out the possibility of him making a U-turn over his resignation even if FAM officials pleaded with him."There is no need for anyone to coax me. They should instead concentrate on finding my replacement. I do not want any drama. Just let me spend some time on my own without having to talk about football."

Tengku Abdullah said he was still willing to assist FAM in the future if the association felt his views were needed."But if possible, I do not want to make any more public comment (on football). I have spent 23 years, which is almost half of my life, with football and I think that is enough."


  1. So be it.

    For the Game. For the World.

  2. Yes TM should make a return .

  3. Hey Chris why your fellow blogger so angry with former national coach la ?