Sep 28, 2009


It seems like MTBC has got themselve into a tussle with a main stream media, and the best part is, the journalist forwarded the e-mail to all the media contacts in his e-mail list. Maybe Sidney Tung should clarify the matter or there were some truth to the story written regards to the AGM that was held recently AGM. MTBC is one of the best organised and administered association in the country and very successful as well, it will be interesting to see the outcome.


We refer to an article in an English daily claiming that there will be a contest for the seat of the Deputy Presidency of the Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress. This is not true. There is only one nomination for the Deputy Presidency as of the cut off date. The said national daily's publication that there would be a contest is misleading. It imputes that there is politics within our Association which is far from the truth. Our Association has been known for decades as being apolitical and we as an association proudly attest to it.

Secretary General

THE JOURNALIST REPLIED : Dear Mr sidney...It's all your fault..... I asked you a simple question two days ago on the elections and you brushed me off.I have lost all my respect for you.. I'm forwarding my reply to all media reps Thank You for your kind concern....


  1. Hey JAIHO, we are the best in the country, we are well administered, we dont need such reporters to tell us how the job must be done the problem with the reporters these, they think they know everything. Their job is to report, not too take sides and campaign la.

  2. it is easy with NSC providing all funding. see if you can survive one day with government funding as other association like us

  3. Bro issue settle already. Dua kali sama la tu

  4. Why does this kind of things happen only to this particular reporter? Hmmmm. Check yourself man.