Sep 16, 2009


EVERYONE and everything has price? But there is no price for values and integrity. The KBS-SAM partnership must be seen as something that only enchances Sportswriters Association of Malaysia (SAM) value and should not be seen as one that sold it's soul for a price. Despite the effort and support by Sports Minister, Datuk Shabery Cheek, SAM must be seen critizing the KBS and MSN when they go wrong.

I am quite sure SAM President Khawari Isa is aware of that situation. The Minister who once challenged Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on a debate, granted RM 100,000 for SAM to organize a national sports writers awards night. It shall be called KBS-SAM Sportswriters awards.

"Sportswriting and sports media are crucial components of the sports industry. It is timely that we recognise them in an awards night with a certain degree of prestige attached to it.

"It was pointed out to me that the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) had dropped the sportswriting category altogether from its annual event. This KBS-SAM award is therefore an opportunity to create a highly anticipated and prestigious award said Sports Minister, Datuk Shabery Cheek, in announcing the grant before a packed ballroom.

Khawari is trying his best to foster unity among members and raise SAM to a higher level, that can only be achieved if there is support from the members. Given the response, feedback and attendance during the buka puasa, it only goes to show that SAM has united in the spirit of 1Malaysia.

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