Sep 23, 2009


FIFA Development Officer Windsor John tendered his resignation last Friday. It is learnt that FIFA has accepted his resignation .Windsor took over the development office from Datuk Sri Paul Mony Samuel in 2004. Since then the FIFA DO office is known for its top notch workforce and efficiency in the FIFA family.

While news has spread to member countries, It is also learnt that FAM President Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah might meet Windsor over the football development matters in the country.

Windsor tagged as "EXPERT" in football matters in Asia, is also a perfect candidate to be hired as the CEO for the new Malaysian League which is expected to kick-off in 2011.

It is also learnt that FIFA has offered Windsor, who served as Director of Competitions and Technical of Asean Football Federation (AFF) in 2000 to 2001, a few options to consider so that he can serve football worldwide. Among the likely offers could be as a Consultant or even a more permanent position in Zurich. However, Windsor would continue his role as General Coordinator for World Cup, Olympics and Youth World Cup.

Windsor played a crucial role in the revamp of the Chinese Professional League and also the launching of the Myanmar Professional League. He has also done a study on football which as been submited to the Governmant of Thailand.

"The FAM President feels it will be worthwhile to use Windors expertise after serving the World Body for the last 6 years, I think he will be an asset for the country in terms of organization and development." said a well known football official.

Jerome Valcke, FIFA General Secretary sent a letter to all member associations regards Windsor resignation, former FAM Head of Research Development Jeysing Muthiah with be the acting FIFA Development Officer, untill a new appointment is made.

FAM should use the services of Windsor since he is available now, while some will look at him as a threat, but then again what is important is that football in the country improves. Football should be the only agenda.


  1. Mungkin Beliau akan Ganti General !

  2. Dengar-dengarnya pun begitu. Dia akan ganti Jeneral sebagai Gen Sect. Kontrak Jeneral xrenew lagi sampai buka sepember ini..

  3. Yes more FIFA games for Malaysia Super Tigers...we are ready to host Asian Games 2018...World Cup 2022 and Olympics 2028.

    For the Game. For the World.

  4. jika benar, beliau harus membersihkan virus-virus yang kian bermaharajalela di tingkat 3 FAM terlebih dahulu...

  5. bravo bro..

    pls expose the wrong doings in FAM..esp tingkat 3 big boys..

    azzuddin seems not knowing the papers he is signing!

    suma kira betoi saja..
    nasib la..
    di FAM skrg, sabut tenggelam, batu timbul..

    welcome on board, mr windsor

  6. All the family la, FIFA office KL also got some nepotism and kronism bro. All in laws working in the same building. is that true JaiHo