Sep 14, 2009


FAM Tresurer Dato' Cheong Keap Tai. resigned effectively September 10,2009. His resignation letter was accepted by FAM President Sultan Ahmad Shah who is currently in London. It is learnt that in the last FAM exco meeting wild allegations was directed at a particular member, which caught many by suprise. Much later during the meeting Dato Cheong was asked to explain to members on the allegations.

It was also learnt that Dato Cheong wrote a personal letter to Sultan Ahmad Shah on the matter and the ruler of Pahang requested him to provide substantial proof.

A new treasurer is expected to be appointed once Ahmad Shah returns from London, former Head of Finance , Ms Ampega will has been asked to assume Dato Cheong resposibilities.

Datuk Cheong formerly with PriceWaterhouse Coopers. Has been serving FAM since 2000.

Of course I am aware of the allegations but I am not going to disclose it here, untill I confront the person myself.

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  1. The saga continues.

    For the Game. For the World.