Aug 4, 2009


THE Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has instructed the state football associations to settle the outstanding amount of RM5.4 million which has
been due since 2006.

Timesport has been informed that the EPF sent the FA of Malaysia (FAM) a letter to instruct the State FAs to settle the outstanding amount.
It is also learnt that a number of states are facing legal action for non-payment.

"The onus is on the State and clubs and we are not going to solve this problem for them." said FAM general secretary Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad

Kedah FA is the highest on the list as they owe EPF RM800,000, while Perak and Perlis FAs are second with RM600,000 and Selangor RM170,000.

" The FAM president Sultan Ahmad Shah has instructed the secretariat to send a letter to all states and clubs requesting them to submit a
repayment plan by Sept 15," added Azzuddin.

It is also learnt that Sultan Ahmad Shah is upset that the state FAs are repeating their mistakes . Kuala Lumpur, Negri Sembilan, Kelantan and Penang are the only states
prompt in their contributions. This problem is expected to get worse next year as many states are
using the FAM grant to settle their outstanding debts.

By Christopher Raj
August 16, 2008

The above story was written, when I was tipped by an EPF officer about the debts owed by the State FA's

Read the Story Below, and see how different it is now, FAM all talk but no action. FAM does not have enough strength and power to throw the states out, FAM is weak , FAM fears the states simply because the top officials depend on the votes that comes from the states.

In Malaysia it is the State FA's that calls the shot not FAM, FAM are just implementers.

For the the last 15 years we been told about this same old rubbish, but nothing is done, I dare FAM to take action against Pahang. Just look at the pathetic situation. Even the State, where the President comes from is not in order. Come on FAM, don't give us this lame stories that has been told over and over again. I dare you to walk the talk, or else resign!

THE Employees Provident Fund (EPF) warned action will be taken action
errant State FAs, including dragging them to court, for failing to pay
contributions on behalf of their players.

EPF Public Relations general manager Nik Affendi Jaafar stressed that legal action was initiated against State FAs in the past and that EPF will continue to do so in order to protect the interest of the employees — the players.

The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), during their competitions committee meeting yesterday, revealed that several State FAs have defaulted in making EPF payments. The total sum mentioned was in excess of RM6 million. This figure excludes outstanding wages due to players.

“There have been associations that were charged. This has been a problem for sometime now,” said Nik Affendi. “We know some associations are facing financial difficulties and we sympathise with them but the employers must be mindful of their legal obligations. Our concern is to safeguard the players’ savings.”

The Kedah FA top the list with more than RM2.7 million owing to EPF while Kelantan have yet to pay RM855,611. The list, titled Ringkasan Status Tindakan Terhadap Majikan Gagal Mencarum setakat 27 July 2009 (Summary of the status of action taken towards defaulting employers as of 27 July 2009), was tabled during the competitions committee meeting.

It is unclear if any of the State FAs mentioned have cleared their debts to date. A total of 126 employers were fined RM214,190 in the first quarter of 2009 for failure to pay EPF contributions which falls under Section 43(2) EPF Act 1991.

The Act stipulates that employers are to remit the monthly contributions before or on the 15th day of every month or face legal action.

During the same period, a total of 1,194 civil suits and 1,849 criminal cases were filed with the courts against those who have defaulted on payments.

“No one can escape from us. We’ve been working closely with FAM and they are well aware of the situation with the State FAs. “Any party which defaults for two months will be served a reminder, following which legal action will be instituted,” added Nik Affendi.- Story by Haresh Deol.

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  1. Saya hairan mengapa tak tanya pasal RM 5.8 JUTA dari Ogos tak bayar .Apa benda ini FAM .. teruk pun jangan truk macam ini.