Aug 17, 2009


FORMER Perak badminton player and badminton specialist writer K.M.Boopathy says that the ability to produce that extra spark when the chips are down is sorely missing from Malaysia's top doubles' repertoire, and national coaches Rexy Mainaky and Rosman Razak are leaving no stone unturned to solve this problem.

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Personally the fact that Malaysia returned empty handed from the World Championship is alarming, and it seems like BAM is becoming like FAM, they have adopted a "Tidak Apa Attitude", Whether the doubles lost by one point or two point, it is still a lost, no one remembers semi-finalists or runner -up, people only remember champions.

BAM should start cracking the whip if they are serious about winning a gold in the 2012 London Olympics. If the players don't make it this time around, then BAM and FAM are in the same boat. Players only remain "JAGUH KAMPUNG OR JAGUH BANDAR".

Malaysian players lacked mental toughness, and mental toughness is someting athletes are born with, it starts from home, ask Tiger Woods he did not have mental trainers from American Sports Science Insitute to help him.

It started with his father, and Tiger moved on from there. I feel our Badminton players are pampererd to much, and I will not be suprise if Malaysia does not win a gold in London. Looking at Lin Dan's game and performance at the recent World Championship, Chong Wei might need to train in China and not South Korea.

I believe he wasted tax payers money by going to Korea and then failing in the semi's against Sony Dwi Kuncoro. Why did Chong Wei go to Korea and train under Li Mao ? Is Li Mao better then Misbun ? Maybe Chong Wei is not progressing under Misbun ? Maybe there were other external elements involved in the defeat.

BAM must stop giving excuses !

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  1. It is sad that, tax payers money are wasted. Malaysia is actually running out athletes, NSC and association keep churning PR related stories which isbought easily by main stream media. That is shameful. Journalism today lacks power, no one is really into investigating whats is happening in BAM and NSC.. maybe the papers have been bought also..