Aug 5, 2009


DATO Sri Paul Mony Samuel celebrates his 64th Birthday today, and for me personally it is a honour to have worked with great individual who has contributed his entire life to football. Thanks to my boss, friend and mentor George Das who gave me the opportunity to be there.

Born in Kuala Ketil on August 5, 1945, these inspiring man made excellent contribution to national and international football in several capacities in a career which started in the sixties as a regular player for the state side of Kedah before branching off successfully into administration where he carved out a niche for himself.

His hands-on and savvy administrator skills is well documented and he has served football unselfishly over the past few decades. He is well known for his impeccable organisational skills and has played key roles in the successful organisation of several top AFC and FIFA competitions.

Received his early education at St.Theresa's Primary school, Sungai Petani. He continued his secondary education at Ibrahim Secondary School and went on to Study at University Pertanian Malaysia and obtained B.Ed (TESL). He also has a Diploma in Football Coaching from the England FA.

Infact his first book "FOOTBALL ADMINISTRATION" was adopted by FIFA for their FUTORA Football Program.

Deep within his heart, he is still very much willing to help FAM in football development, but unfortunately FAM has not asked him for his help. He would be an ideal candidate as the Sports Commissioner for the these country.

For me personally Dato Paul should be brought back to FAM, so that the years of football experience will not go to waste and the nation can benefit from it. He served FAM for 18 years and then was a FIFA Development Officer, AFC General Secretray, and now he is Honorary Secretary of Asean Football Federation. He has been appointed as FIFA General Co-Ordinator since the 1994 US World Cup. He is still a FIFA instructer and many people in the football scene still look up to him for advise.

In 2008 he was awarded "LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" by the Sultan Mizan at the NSC Annual Sports Awards. Dato, May these day bring love,joy and peace and may GOD Keep you in Good Health and Bless You Always.


  1. Well written piece bro, indeed these man in a good soul, the Malaysian Government should hire him as a consultant. Definitely a man with integrity and values. Happy Birthday Datuk

  2. Satu-satunya SU Agung FAM yang tiada tolok bandingnya. JIka beliau masih berada di FAM, rasanya segala cacar marba dan kelam kabut seperti sekarang tidak akan berlaku. Dato' Paul seorang yang sanggup menerima kritikan dan cadangan pihak lain. Jauh sekali beliau mahu menganggap dirinya saja yang betul....

  3. A tribute befitting a GREAT MAN, Jaiho.

    Malaysian football needs Datuk Paul. With him running FAM, we wont have jumble-up league fixtures, dubious international A matches, seat warmers & clueless staff in FAM and the ever so frequent flip-flop decisions.

    Happy birthday Dato Sri and God Bless.

  4. Happy B'day Datuk Seri

  5. Happy Bday Dato Sri.. God Bless You

  6. Happy birthday Datuk fellow leo

  7. happy birthday to dato' seri

    may he always be in good health

  8. happy birthday dato seri.

    dulu datuk manager masa my father palyed for kedah

    datuk juga teacher to my cousin

  9. Semasa Dato' Paul menjadi Su Agung, tak pernah kita dengar keputusan yang dibuat oleh Jawatankuasa tertentu FAM silap membuat keputusan. Beliau begitu berhati-hati memberi nasihat supaya tidak bercanggah dengan peraturan.

    Tapi sekarang? Hancussss

  10. Happy Birthday Dato Seri Paul

    Diamonds are Forever

    For the Game. For the World.