Oct 15, 2009


IS Malaysian Super League (MSL) in a crisis that is beyond any help? It is learnt from the corridors of power within FAM that Sarawak, Malacca, Penang, UPB My Team,Police and Armed Forces apparently have decided to withdraw for the league next year and it has all to do with financial constraits.

"Many teams have not deposited the money, which only means that they dont have the money. It is a tough situation, we just have to wait and see the outcome" said an FAM official.

Six states owned almost RM 1 million just on salaries both to players and coaches, that excludes all payments to the stadium and cost of managing the team.

This is in addition to the whopping RM6,291,481 owed by State FAs to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF). Malacca top the list of errant employers, owing players and coaches RM286,378.99.

Perak are second with RM272,000, followed by Penang (RM46,216.25), Kelantan (RM63,400) and Sarawak (RM48,500). Negri Sembilan, meanwhile, have yet to settle their dues to former Slovakian import Marian Juhas totalling US$60,500 (RM214,321).

Juhas played for Slovakian Super League club FC Kosice and Perak before plying his trade with the Deers last season.

Perak, Penang and Kelantan played in the Super League this season while Malacca and Sarawak are in the Premier League. Perak still owe skipper S. Subramaniam two months wages totalling RM12,000.

The Kinta Valley side are also struggling to pay their former players, including Hardi Jaafar (RM28,000). Hardi now plays for Super League champions Selangor. All teams must clear all outstanding payments (wages and EPF), place a deposit of RM150,000 and at least RM2.5 million in their accounts.

"It is not easy for teams to come out with that amount of money, but we have no choice to implement these conditions. Otherwise football will always be in trouble and we will end up saving the state teams."added the high ranking official.

All registration is expected to be submitted to the competitions committee who will then make the necessary recommendations to the council.

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