Oct 20, 2009


FORMER Kedah coach Azraai Khor who was once a leading candidate as national coach received the offer letter as Under-21 head coach yesterday. Azraai will begin the new journey in FAM on November 1,2009.

The Under-21 side is expected to be fielded in the Premier League next season, but will this successful coach in the local scene have the support of the fellow coaches. Life can be different for coaches who work with the national association, many go with the hope that changes can be done and much later they realise it is not the same. They realise that it is not easy to work in a national association.

Coaches put a plan and financial budget and then they are told they don't have the money, of course if you are a coach, and if you say "mana beli kasut itu cantik, your tie is beautiful and your looking sharp in that armani suit," then your financial needs are approved and maybe your life will be easier.

But if you go against the powers of the corridors, then Azraai you are looking at a short lived tenure in FAM. I will not be suprise coach, if next November you tell me "I had enough, its time to move"

For now enjoy the moment, the best Char Keuy Teow and Banana Leaf in Kelana Jaya awaits you. If you need some advise and help, the General Secretary is the man to see. Remember he only carries out instructions given by the council and exco.,

All the best coach.


  1. So many coaches in FAM already but the result are still the same.

    How FAM financial?

  2. All the best to you coach Azraai..may the force be with you at Wisma FAM. It is not an easy task over there, however if you have faith and wisdom to excel, you can make it to the top.

  3. Wisdom and Faith??? Oww look whose talking...and from where are you talking??? Anyway Azrai all the best, you have choosed your path and now the time to show your capabilities as a good coach.