Apr 4, 2012


Definitely I did not expect this, when the whole issue cropped up when FAM Deputy President Tan Sri Annuar Musa made a statement on the national team which allegedly went against the policy of FAM. Frankly, I thought he would be let off with a stern warning.

The disciplinary board which was chaired by Datuk Taufik Razak decided to ban TSAM for two and half years from all football activities. The ban is effective from today. He was punished for criticising the national team’s poor run in recent matches. A lot has been said and written about this matter. Many thoughts and opinions were also given on this issue. To me, this matter could have been resolved amicably. Unfortunately it was not handled well.

With this suspension the position for Deputy President falls vacant at a time when the position of a Vice President has yet to be filled after Datuk Seri Hishan Abdullah resigned after being declared a bankrupt.

With the ban, Annuar Musa has to relinquish all his positions in FAM as well as in KAFA. He was accompanied by close to 300 fans from Kelantan for the hearing which started at 2.45pm and ended at 7.30pm.

Well the game has just begun..plenty more actions are expected to come following the latest developments!!


  1. we are proudly said that we are maintained our disciplinary when we attend the morale support's peace demonstration at wisma fam today. that showed to other people we as kelantan fans have proud and dignity with peaceful people still exist. thank you

  2. what ball gamelah? now the gen sec in full full control to destroy football.