May 22, 2010


A full post-mortem report on the failure of the Thomas and Uber teams would be out soon said Youth and Sports minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

However, preliminary reports showed that the Malaysian teams lost due to lack of preparations, especially the failure to make use of an opportunity to train at the competition venue early, said Ahmad Shabery.

"But, the full report will reveal our weaknesses from every aspect and will be ready soon," he told reporters after opening the general assembly of Umno branches from the Tumpat division at Sekolah Menengah Biji Wangsa, Kelaboran, near here last night.

"We have to study the internal and external factors that contributed to the poor showing, including preparations, discipline and other aspects. Fans or any other parties must not point fingers at anyone for the failure to recapture the Thomas Cup after 18 years."

He also rubbished claims by players and BAM that the presence of the media had affected their performance, and thus, partly responsible for their defeat.

The media plays an important role in a tournament to lift the performance of players and the prestige of the tournament, he said.

"What was evident is that we failed to make use of home ground advantage and failed to get used to the playing venue despite being the host," he said.


  1. Datuk Ahmad Sharberry Cheek, Sudah kalah sudah la, Apa nak cakap banyak banyak lagi. Buat la, plan untuk tahun depan.
    Cakap ini, cakap itu semua sia sia sahaja la.

  2. Datuk, I think the 1st person that you have to kick out is the President of BAM. Look he have absolute powers under the constitution, example , he kick out his 22 years secretary Ganga Rao with no reasons.
    With such absolute powers in his hand, if he cannot deliver the cup , if you want to blame anyone blame him la. Blame the coaches, players, SAM and all is a waste of time. Chop the head and find a new head, and all fill be much better, nit that we will win the Thomas cup but we can have some order in Malaysia.