May 4, 2010


TWO days ago a little bird told me about me about the situation in Slovakia, apprently Azraai Khor is no longer coaching the team, but a Slovakian has taken over.

It is through the social network application such as facebook that we come to know problems that are faced by people. So when players and coaches express their feelings through facebook obviously the media fraternity comes to know Harimau Muda is not well.

Read the most prominent blogger and Astro Arena resident panelist rizal hashim discovery here.

Unfortunately the goal keeper coach Mohana has returned and that is due to the misunderstanding between him and Azraai. If I am not mistaken Azraai accused a coach by saying he is here on holiday. In Malay we call it "Lawatan Sambil Belajar"

From the beginning this whole trip was a "Lawatan Sambil Belajar" for me, I was also told that Vion FC will be sending a team of technical expertise to train our boys, in management terms we call it "Knowledge Transfer" and FAM coaches will handle it in terms of "Knowledge Management".

It is a joke, the way this coaches are behaving as though they have won something, in reality they are nothing and team also is yet to win anything. No one cares about Obama Cup or Mandela Cup.. we are only concern if this team can retain the SEA Games Gold Medal in Jakarta.

So I suggest FAM should get to the crunch of the matter before it gets worst.

The rest can continue eating Mac Donalds in Slovakia.

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