Mar 23, 2010


SOMEONE called me to talk about an association that has been the limelight in the last couple of day. He said " Chris why don't you check who is this runner that is trying to put pressure on the official to leave or to terminate a sponsorship contract."

He added on " The runner must be so powerful that people can be removed or suspended, is this why Malaysian Sports does not succeed"

I have always thought only in politics they have runners, it seems sports associations are also using this mode of operation .. Some running away, some will be caught with their pants down.. It is just matter of time.

To those runners please try the latest new balance R320 shoe it's fantastic...


  1. Brader Tolong referee la ini tak dapat allowance ini.. reporter reporter suratkhabar ini tak boleh diharap... depan kita dia tera, dah balik opis semuanya lupa.. Tolong bro..

  2. Well this type of people are working even in OCM so don't be surprise it is an inside job.

  3. Eh Anon..ref semua tak leh pakai. Ada ke bola kena pokok terlantun masuk balik gol ref kata sah gol? Under-12 punya game pun tak tau jaga..boleh blah la!