Nov 2, 2009


Six teams, including Kelantan and Perak, have been disqualified from the Malaysian Leagues 2010 as they had infringed on the conditions set by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).On the other hand, UPB-MyTeam and Proton FC have pulled out from the from the Super League and the Premier League respectively, said FAM vice-president Datuk Che Mat Jusoh.He said the other four teams disqualified were Penang (Super League), Pahang (Premier League), Melaka (Premier League) and Shahzan Muda (Premier League).

He said among the conditions infringed by the teams were failure to settle outstanding salaries of the players and remit their Employees Provident Fund subscriptions until the deadline on Saturday."So we have decided that they are not qualified to take part in the leagues next season," he told reporters after chairing the FAM Local Competition Committee meeting at Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil here Monday.

Che Mat, however, said the fate of the six teams would rest with the FAM Council meeting to be chaired by FAM president Sultan Ahmad Shah soon."The competition committee's decision, which was based on the stipulated rules, would be submitted to the FAM Council," he said.If the council endorse the decision, the Super League will be left with 11 teams next season from 14 teams this season while 10 teams will compete in the Premier League compared to 14 now."If the Super League is down to 11 teams, FAM will invite another team from the Premier League to join the Super League to bring the number of teams to 12."

We have also accepted requests from UPB-MyTeam and Proton FC to withdraw from the Super League and the Premier League respectively," he said, adding actions on the two teams would be decided later.On the 100PLUS-FAM National Football Awards 2009 on Wednesday, he said Selangor was adjudged the best managed club, Johor FC (the best club) and KL Plus (of having the best fan club).

On the Malaysia Cup final between Kelantan and on Saturday, Che Mat said tickets were priced at RM20 for adults and RM5 for children below 12."We have printed 85,000 tickets, of which 30,000 were booked by Kelantan and 20,000 more by Negeri Sembilan."The remaining 35,000 tickets will be on sale at Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil from 11 to 10pm on Friday and from 10am on Saturday," he said,

The following teams qualified for Super League 2010: Selangor, Perlis, Kedah, Johor FC, Terengganu, KL Plus, Harimau Muda A, Negeri Sembilan, KM Naza, Johor and T-Team.The Premier League 2010 will be made up of PDRM, Kuala Lumpur, ATM, PKNS Selangor, Sabah, KL Felda United, KL Pos, Perlis KSK Tambun Tulang, Harimau Muda B and Sarawak.-- BERNAMA


  1. abang jaiho tak tau tulis ker? kawan2 abang jaiho kata tulisan abang jaiho teruk masa kat NST. Ye ker?

  2. Let's have a bet... the council will SAVE all these teams with some kind of excuse... that's malaysian football - we keep doing the same thing, FAM is so so so predictable.. so, if we keep doing the same thing, how we expect different results?

  3. Mr. Raj, may I know which part that u thought is a joke?

  4. Minah Rempit,

    Betul saya memang tidak begitu bagus dalam penulisan saya, tetapi saya bukan macam segelintir orang saya kenal yang meminta pegawai pegawai tertinggi dalam persatuan suruh mereka belanja makan dan minum, yang kurangnya cuma pelacuran saja. Mungkin itu pun telah berlaku. Kebarangkalian Minah Rempit turut bersama dalam expedisi ini juga. Terima Kasih kerana melawat blog ini.

  5. Anon 2:10, your spot on, on the decision that will be made by FAM on the issue, that is why I said the competitions committee is a joke, what ever decision they have made will only revert at the council meeting schedule for next week.In the last 10 years, the competitions committee has never stuck to their decisions. Lets wait and see if this time around things will change, but for my past experience very unlikely it will.

  6. Minat Rempit,

    Sebelum anda ingin membuat sebarang ulasan mengenai penulisan seseorang, sila lah rujuk dahulu fakta anda. Sebagaimana yang diketahui umum, penulisan seseorang wartawan sukan adalah berdasarkan daripada fakta dan berita yang diketahui. Dalam bidang sukan, penulisan seseorang itu bukan bergantung kepada baik atau tidaknya tetapi yang penting adalah sejauhmana keberkesanan sesuatu berita yang ditulis. Oleh yang demikian adalah baik sekiranya anda membetulkan fakta anda terlebih dahulu sebelum membuat komen mengenai penulisan seseorang.

  7. Minah rempit, I think better if you stay away from this blog. Mr. Jai Ho, you should delete his/her comment in the first place!! Back to the topic, don't forget that FAM is the circus with all top clowns as their performer. The verdict will be 'we will give them stern warning, failing with, they will be barred from taking part in the future'. When is the 'future'? Only Allah knows.


  8. good joke bro, Please play on and fair play