Nov 30, 2009


MALAYSIAN Under-23 team were unable to take off from the RMAF Air Base, Subang. The team was at the airport since 9.30am, and were brought back to Wisma FAM at 4 pm.

"There was a delay in flight arrangement, we wrote to the necessary agencies and approval was given 10 days ago, but it was unfortunate that this has happened." said an official.

This delay in travelling to Laos is surely not good news for K.Rajagopal as they will take on Timor Leste on Wednesday in the opening match.

Many may wonder why the national team is travelling in a private chartered flight? The reason is simple, the national team is placed in category B; which means they will make their very own arrangements in terms of travel and lodging. Should they win a medal, they will be reimbursed in full.
No doubt, the six hour delay would have tired out the players. They will make yet another journey to RMAF Subang tomorrow and one can only hope that there will be no more delays.

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  1. They were grounded long time ago la bro