Nov 6, 2009


SO this is it, the big moment for Kelantan and Negri Sembilan has finally arrived. Kelantan were Malaysia Cup runners- up in 1955 and 1970, while Negri Sembilan won the Cup in 1948 and runners-up in 2000 and 2006.

Indeed, this Malaysia Cup is special for both teams. Read Eric Samuel's preview here.

For me personally, it is a great moment for two former national coaches. I had the privillege to know Wan Jamak who worked with me in the corridors of FAM and Kelantan Coach B.Sathianathan whom I have known for years. Wan Jamak resigned after the 1997 loss to Laos.

These two coaches are unique in their own way, they know each other's strengths and weaknesses very well. I hope it will be an interesting final, a final that will send a message out reinforcing that football in the country is very much alive and 'kicking', and not in the pits.

This inspiring video is dedicated to Wan Jamak and Sathianathan, who went through misery and challenges during their times in FAM. All the criticism that was directed at them, is coming to fruition today.

To the players, this is time and moment to fight for every inch on the field.

JAIHO will be at the Stadium seated among the Kelantanese fans in his Malaysian Jersey.

JAIHO Malaysia!

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  1. Simple and direct to the point, good video. Lets hope that fairplay will prevail...