Nov 11, 2009


The Kelantan Football Association (Kafa) have been slapped with a RM50,000 fine for the unruly behaviours of their supporters in the Malaysia Cup final at the National Stadium on Saturday.
FAM disciplinary committee deputy chairman Datuk Mohd Taufik Abd Razak said Kelantan fans had committed three offences, namely hurling firecrackers and other objects on to and towards the pitch, hitting match officials with objects and damaging stadium properties.
For throwing firecrackers and other objects on to and towards the pitch, Kafa was fined RM5,000, hurling objects which hit match officials (RM20,000) and damaging the seats and the gates of the stadium (RM25,000), he told reporters after chairing the committee's meeting.
Mohd Taufik said the fines imposed were the minimum amount for each offence and Kafa could appeal within 14 days.Kafa was represented by its president, Tan Sri Annuar Musa and Kelantan football management committee chairman Azman Ibrahim.
FAM secretary-general Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad said the FAM had to pay RM138,150 to the National Stadium for the damages.He said the damages included RM2,400 for 16 seats damaged by fire, damage to 205 seats (RM30,750), track damaged by fire (RM60,000) and damage to toilets (RM20,000)."The amount was presented by the stadium management at the disciplinary committee meeting.
Will there be claims for other damages, I will not be able to say," he said.Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek was reported as saying that Kelantan supporters had caused damages to the stadium to the tune of RM214,000.About 85,000 football fans, of which 80 per cent were Kelantan supporters, watched the final where Kelantan went down 1-3 to Negeri Sembilan.-- BERNAMA


  1. FAM should be punished !

  2. All parties should take the responsibility.
    The police/authorities for not cracking down on the firecracking inside the stadium, rather just standing and watching the stadium engulfed in smoke.
    The stadium for installing such fences that you can put a whole chicken thru it. At this point I must say the police has done a wonderful job at the entrances checking all bags, stopping people from bringing in water bottles etc etc that were task to them to do.
    So with the fences being designed in such a way, no amount of police personnel would be enough to curb the entry of illegal contrabands.
    With this the stadium should shoulder some of this responsibility.
    Now FAM, the gate broke because they refuse to open 2 gates. God knows what is going on in their heads when everyone knows 2/3 of the stadium is going to be filled with Kelantanese. 1 gate is simply insufficient. The bottleneck resulted not only gates being broken but people climbing over the fences, which are sharp at the end. Could you imagine a human satay.
    Damaged toilets, KAFA should take this one. KAFA should take pictures of the destruction on Saturday night and post it at the Stadium KB and let their fans know how much damage they have cost and how much KAFA would have to fork out to repair them. If they are really die hard supporters, maybe they'll stop their mindless actions.

  3. woi mr bernama..tak tau tulis sendiri ka..