Jun 4, 2009


THIS morning, I had an idea and it's about starting a "Malaysian Sports Bloggers Association" (MSBA). I infact sent SMS to Rizal Hashim and told him about the idea, and also spoke to Satwant Singh and Tony Mariadass about it. Of course we would like to hear from other sports bloggers as well, and readers are also welcomed to give your opinion on this. The association will be active and able to make a difference in the sporting scene. Maybe we can raise some funds and send the first blogger to cover the Laos Sea Games ! Why not! Let's think BIG ..

GIVE IT A THOUGHT. Have A Great Day .. Together Let's Make A Difference !


  1. Good Morning Bro. I think it is an excellent idea, afterall Sports Writers Association is going no where. I suggest Fauzi Omar should be robbed in as an Advisor.. All the best

  2. I'm open to the idea but for now I think the best thing is to co-opt ourselves into SAM. I'm sure they will accept bloggers as members. SAM's platform is stronger. With a change of leadership, we can help SAM to where it was a few years back.

  3. klbodybuilding2uJune 4, 2009 at 2:03 PM

    Yes...all ideas are noble it's only the implementation of it that takes the nobleness away.

    I only do pray that sports journalist can assist we from the sports associations to bring a closer awarness to the public of our plight in the sports that we have passion for.

    Comments from the public should be focus and not just blank bullets...must have substance for growth and future changes.

    I for sure would like to join if I'm invited.

  4. This was from a Bernama report on June 4, 2009 titled 'Tunku Imran Shocked By Stadium Roof Collapse, Wants All Sports Facilities Inspected'

    The last paragraph stated:

    Meanwhile, Chef-de-Mission for the Asian Youth Games, Marina Chin Abdullah hoped Malaysian athletes would perform well but refused to set any medal target for the championships.

    ...Marina Chin and Abdullah??! Since when lah!!

    Maria Chin Abdullah and Marina Chin are two different people lah...DUH!!

  5. Well we need an association that will fight for the rights of sports lovers in this country and the mission should saving malaysian football from the hands of FAM who actually destroying the sport.
    Think about It ! I will support Bro

  6. LOL...starmetro...which is to be fight for the rights of sports lovers or save malaysian football? We dun actual need a association to save malaysian football...it's beyond saving. Let it go all the way down to the deepest pits and revered back to amateur status phps then we would be able to save it. We have an overated football team who care 2 hoots about glory and honour of the country but themselves...players and officials.

    Sports lovers be more visible in actions rather than words...which do you see need change? Phps then could we move forward...until then it's all critics only.

  7. Thanks Guys for all the comments and support that I received even through SMS. Will keep you updated.