Jun 22, 2009


Somehow I think the FAM President, is not aware of what has transpired during "Sessi Perbincangan" that was conducted last October at the National Sports Council. Close to 80 Individuals attended this two day session which was chaired by Datuk Che Mat Jusoh.

A total of 15 resolutions was passed and presented to the EXCO two months later. So I dont understand what is Datuk Redzuan talking about.. can some one enlighten me, either the Sultan is misinformed or Redzuan is not aware of the decision or even the proposal given by the competitions committee.

It is also learnt that the Malaysian Super League will continue during the 2010 World Cup, interestingly the media that attended the congress yesterday did not ask that question. How could a local league go on during a World Cup, I am sure FAM will deny it now !

Well I have just received the entire proposal for the league from the corridors of FAM, and I must say it is utter rubbish and unprofessional on the new format that has been suggested. I will blog about it soon. All I can say at this point in time, It is "SAYONARA" to the clubs.


The FA of Malaysia (FAM) president Sultan Ahmad Shah has called for a major revamp of the Malaysian Super League (MSL).

He has given the competitions committee, led by chairman Datuk Che Mat Jusoh, three months to find solutions for an ineffective MSL.

The deputy president, Datuk Redzuan Sheikh Ahmad, said that the president in his speech read at the congress meant business and a bold step could even be taken to revert to “Semi-Pro” football.

“The president is totally unhappy with the poor state of affairs in our football approach,” said Redzuan at a press conference yesterday.

He added that the dwindling standard of the national team, the poor state of the domestic competitions and the weak administration of the FAs had forced the Sultan to call for drastic action.

“It could be anything – a smaller Pro-League, Semi-Pro or even amateur football. There will be changes. The same formula has been used for a long time and it has not brought results,” said Redzuan.

“If there is anyone around who can help us come up with ideas, please do so. The public can also contribute and the competitions committee will gather the feedback to present to the council for endorsement.”

The message is clear. After 20 years in the professional era and with nothing achieved over the years, it is time for a major overhaul. The current MSL comprise a 13-team Premier League and 14-team Super League.

Redzuan said that Myanmar started their Pro-League with only eight teams two months ago.
“Whoever wants to play in the Pro-League must fight their way into the top eight. It is the same in Thailand,” he said.

Malaysia have not made progress since winning the SEA Games in 1989, the year Malaysian football went Semi-Pro. The FAM turned the league fully professional in 1995, calling it the M-League before rebranding it to the MSL in 2004.

The congress also amended the FAM statutes in line with FIFA to welcome on board the Malaysian Indian Sports Council, Malaysian Chinese FA, Malaysian Football Player’s Association, Malaysian Referees Association and Malaysian Football Coaches Association as full members with voting rights - THE STAR


  1. step 1...this proves that msl sdn bhd is a failure and must be closed down with immediate effect.

    for the game...for the world.

  2. step 2...stop being making mistake for banning any team playing away from home ground

  3. "puiblic to contribute ideas". Well Dato Redzuan and kuncu-kuncu tak faham lagi ka....20 tahun lagu sama.

    Public's idea has long been given - "please get out of Malaysian Football and let people who knows about football run the show".

    To Tuanku Sultan - please get rid off this parasites. They are the ills of Malaysian football and clueless. They dont tell Tuanku the truth only what they want Tuanku to hear.

  4. FAM cakap tak serupa bikin, kita punya expert - technical n administration pegi negara orang jadi konsultan, guide them, tunjuk ajar ..... tapi negara sendiri, mereka diketepikan begitu saja.....

    alahai FAM

  5. first, get a real leader to lead FAM. it's the basics.. if the leader is not right, how can the organisation be?

  6. People dont see this....The President actually wanna save his FAVOURITE Teams from falling down to premier league...that's all...other issues just to covered up the real motive...because in the next few years...it still the same problems over and over till...only god knows....