Jun 10, 2009


TODAY My Friend and Boss Mr Vijesh Rai celebrates his 40th Birthday. I have known him since 1996 and in the last 14 years, I trully have enjoyed his friendship and to a certain extent I owe it to him, for what I have become. He has always told me not to be emotional about Malaysian Sports, but to be rational and constructive about Malaysian sports.

He has has always given me his support even during my tenure as FAM Media Officer from 1996-2002.He was there for me when my mum passed away nine years ago, when I dashed out from the ward, I hugged him and just cried my heart out ... Vijesh lost his mum at a very young age as well.

Vijesh has always given his best to his friends, and he has his own "INNER CIRCLE" which means a lot to him, he has helped them financially and through morale support. He has never said "NO" and he goes that extra mile for those who are close to his heart.

I worked for him for two years of course it was not easy, he had his demands and expectations...somehow I survived, and when I resigned from NST, he gave him his blessings and told that he will never hire me again.

His time and focus is always around his beloved wife Vasugi who made Malaysia proud in the Seoul Olympics, his lovely daughters Pooja Rai and Esha Rai and of course the Prince Vikash Rai whom he adores.

On behalf of the inner circle and outer circle, I would like to wish you a blessed birthday and God Bless You Always. May God bless you with long and healthy life. Have a wonderful 40th Birthday ANNA !


  1. Vijesh Selamat Hari Jadi, bagus ada juga orang macam JAIHO kenang budi kamu bro.. All the best

  2. Happy Bday Bro, Kenangan di Athens masih Bagus lagi he he he he

  3. Well said bro.

    Sir Vijesh.


    (I know he hates publicity, I expect the butcher's knife soon. Haha

    See you later!

    ps: Dont forget my banana leaf! "-p

  4. Happy birthday Vijesh. You are now in the roaring 40s. A great age to take on the world. Good luck and take care.

  5. Hi Chris,Thanks for the kind words.

    Vasugi Rai

  6. Dear Vijesh,

    Happy 40th Birthday and life starts at 40 with your lovely family, god bless you,
    Ex National Coach

  7. Happy 40th birthday, Vijesh. Though Vijesh and I do not see eye-to-eye on many issues, I remember Vijesh helping me adjust to life during my early days at the Malay Mail, especially on football assignments outside Kuala Lumpur, after my transfer from Berita Harian. He would suggest intros, though too NST-like, but of which I appreciate until today.

  8. happy birthday vijesh !!!

  9. sorry,
    just found this site today..just like to wish him (Vijesh) all the best as he is now the boss there...still had the memories of those days (tho i have left that desk more than 12 years now, tho have a brief eight month life there as a cadet sub-editor with others -- our boss mr raj, maurice, felix, siebert, jugjet, billy, haris, faizul, freddy?frankie(?), norman, nava(navalan), dave, randy, megan and of course muru (the lord muruga), en lai and ranmal
    p/s - never change my loyalty towards the paper after all these years! jaiho NST!