Oct 18, 2010


FORMER Sports Ministry KSU, Datuk Yassin Salleh has been appointed as the Sports Commissioner. The very well known KSU who is known for his firmness will report to work in November.
Welcome on board Sir, a lot of mess that needs to be cleaned up!


  1. I personally is of the view that Datuk Nik has done a lot but not enough. Whatever it is in his tenure as Sports Commissioner he has been fair in his approach and has cleaned up quite a lot of the mess left by his predecessors. On this I say terima Kasih Dato Nik and a happy retirement.
    As for Datuk Yassin the sports community is looking at your fairness in tacking sports problems not only at the NSC but also the nitty gritty of things suffered by the NSA.
    One area of concern is the Sports Development Act there are many missing parts and needs tightening up. The other challenge is OCM and the likes of Datuk Sieh.
    Sure OCM is an NGO and is govern by the Olympic Charter, but it is also a sports body under the SDA. Because of its NGO status OCM behaves as though the SC or the Minister of Sports have no powers against them.
    Where Datuk Nik has failed we want to know whether in Datuk Yassin's no nonsense approach he can put a reign on OCM and compel it to follow its own constitution and play the role of promoting sports rather than politics.
    Perhaps add the reminder that people over 73 have to take a good rest and not make a nuisance to other sports body.
    This we will need to see and only time will tell!

  2. Datuk Yassin, Welcome to your new posting but at this juncture we also would like to thank Datuk Nik for his tremendous effort in cleaning up the Taekwando issue and many others. Like what Jaiho said there are still a lot of mess to clean up.
    Datuk, I feel you greatest challege as SC is to make sure the Sports Development Act are carefully followed. `This is not an easy task because body like OCM seems to treat the Act like some big joke. Datuk, it is a known fact that the OCM is a sports Body under the Act. OCM thinks that as an NGO they are only bound by the Olympic Charter. To put what Dato Sieh says OCM cannot be control by any political body or for that any body including the Minister himself.
    As the Sports Commissioner I feel that you have to look into this seriously and send a message that OCM may be autonomous but they are not independent. Now OCM is viewd as a Kingdom. Datuk, OCM is a public body look at the MACC Act, they are accountable to the Public at large. I feel SC must put their stamp and a strong collar on OCM to ensure that they don't run wild like what they have done for so many years.
    Good luck Datuk Yassin, I hope as a no nonsense person you can put a tight leash on OCM and make them play the role as an NOC and not interfere in sports bodies that does not concern them.

  3. Hello Mr. Olympism and Anon, please try to understand that the SC office are only involved in registration of sports body, make sure they submit their yearly accounts, hold their AGM and that is about it.
    What you want SC to do to OCM, sorry la, SC tak de' kuasa la. Okay la Sports Act say alot of things but then you have to see Olympic Charter, no political interference , no racial , religious discrimination like what OCM say fair, minister cannot say not fair.
    Take 2 examples. recently Penang State Government sponsor Pacific Western Dragon Boat Team to Guanzhou. It is first time in Asian Games. OCM can send even if the Drangon Boat do not register with SC or OCM, but Sec Gen cakap tak bolih semua senyap.
    Not only Drangon Boat , ramai sukan lagi kena jam because of Sec Gen of OCM la.
    Final point la, Olympic Charter cakap once 70 tahun, you have to retire, Persatuan Pemanah tried to bring this up at AGM recently, kena hentam, sekarang isu tu dah senyap.
    What I want to say Minister cannot control OCM you want SC, to do something. I say pegi tidur dan DREAM Again la!

  4. What Jebat say is true, if you look at Bernama report in an interview with Datuk Nik on 21st October, he has made it clear that the SC hands are tied. Attempts were made to empower the Sports Commissioner with powers of enforcement but this was met with strong opposition from OCM. OCM claims that the SC are duplicating their task.
    Dato Yassin Salleh may have to look into this and he must empower the SC office.
    Let's look at OCM as the NOC for Malaysia. They control the NSA absolutely. The NSA have to tow the line or else they can say good bye to the sports representing in the Olympic Family Games.
    Some great man says "Power corrupts and Absolute Powers corrupts absolutely". This is so true for OCM. For whatever they do , they cannot be questioned by anyone. Not by SC or even the Minister. How can this be? As a public body are they not answerable to the Public?
    This abuse of OCM especially the Sec Gen is an open Secret. Datuk Nik can testify how arrogant this old man of 70+ is that he dare to raise his voice to the SC in front of some members of the NSA.
    Dato Nik also mentioned that OCM have their Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) but NSA or Sports body rather go to the SC for help. Why you may ask? To answer that just look at its structure and you know the answer.
    Good luck Datuk Yassin, I truly wish you all the best.