Apr 30, 2010

WOW ... RM 2.3 million being washed away ...

Read Haresh Deol story here .


  1. Malaysia Boleh!

    Tax payers money go down the drain

    Officials keep on spending- without responsibility,transparency and accountability

    Some people including athlets do not even pay tax despite fillings their pockets- buying cars and homes- all undetected by Income tax and yet smile and say ----- no money.

    Then say " 1 Malaysia"

    Only Malaysia Boleh !

  2. Raj, That is "the Pool" la it is part of the track. In the building there is "the jungle" and that is the Gymnasium.
    What are you chaps braying about. I say Tax payers money is put to very good use.

  3. Aiyoo! What are you talking that is part of the Steeplechase course la. Malaysia is sending a Steeple chase Team. For those who are not too clear that is the water jump section la.