Sep 21, 2011


WINDSOR John is probably the most wanted man at this point in time in the world of football. Last week Asian Football Confederation (AFC) appointed Windsor as the 2015 Asian Cup Consultant.

Not many are aware that Windsor is also the consultant for 2014 World Cup for FIFA, Infact he was there two months ago to look at the preparations of the World Cup and submitted an independent study on the preparation.

Yesterday the former FAM Head of R&D and FIFA Development Officer left for London to lead a team of FIFA Delegates to inspect six stadiums which has been identified for the 2012 Olympics.

The Venues are : City of Coventry Stadium, Millennium Stadium, Old Trafford, St James Park, Wembley Stadium, Hayden Park.

He is expected to conducted the FIFA De Brief, Event Test and also the Competition Draw.

All the best Chief !


  1. Well Done Kedah Boy ... Congrats

  2. You better become the Gen Sec la boss... at least I will get some allowance to maintain the field and garden ...