Jun 7, 2010


INDEED it was a great honour to be invited for Kafe Sukan program yesterday and to share my thoughts and views together with the reknown sports commentator Dato Rahim Razali.

As Akhbar said it "Pengulas Tersohor negara " Wow !

A man who needs no introduction, just listening to him talking can make one feel as though we are really in the World Cup, his thoughts and opinions indeed is remarkable.

Thank you Dato Rahim for your advise and constructive opinions. Dato Rahim and Akhbar Shaari will be doing World Cup commentary in Bahasa Malaysia from Friday onwards.
Catch the action on Astro Arena 801 ... Nadi Sukan Malaysia.


  1. Very interesting program bro. You Malay is getting better man Tahniah bro

  2. Very good program... Tahniah pengulas sukan tersohor dan terkenal ...

  3. Happy to see both of you together bro.The opinions and suggestions that you give is very vivid and constructive.Congrats bro.Keep up d good job and we will continue to support.

  4. Well done Chris. You are learning the ropes. Hope one day you will have your very own sports channel ... God Bless

  5. Sorry I watched the repeat last night ... Liked the views and thoughts of the panel very direct and frank... well done Akhbar