Jun 7, 2010


WORLD Cup is about to kick off in less than five days, the passion is building up to feverish levels, spreading like wild fire all over the place from Supermarkets to Shopping malls. Even the Bangsar fish monger Ah Chai was sporting a Germany jersey this morning.

So I asked him siapa akan menang Ah Chai, he said “Germany la boss “

Closer to home, in Kuala Lumpur, another kind of fever is beginning to take shape, its origins traced from the corridors of power in the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM). Its elections fever.

Tan Sri Annuar Musa, Datuk Redzuan Sheikh Ahmad, Datuk Raja Ahmad Zainuddin, Datuk Seri Shahidan kassim and Datuk Mokhtar have been nominated for the Deputy President position.

But the grapevine also has it that former FAM Deputy President HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah has received a strong support for the position of Deputy President. Tengku Abdullah resigned in 2006 and YB Khairy Jamaluddin came on board.

It is strongly learnt that Datuk Redzuan’s time in FAM might come to an end, has he does not hold any position in Perlis FA, but then again what about individuals who are holding 5 positions in national association and yet to prove anything.

It is learnt that YB Khairy will not seek for a re-election has he wants to concentrate in his political career.

For Vice President position, it is learnt that Datuk Hamidin from Selangor, Datuk Che Mat Jusoh, Datuk S.Subramaniam have been nominated by the states. Datuk S.Subramaniam the former MIC Deputy President is said to be actively involved in football.

Many other names have been nominated for the various positions, which I will update later...


  1. I think Tengku Mahkota and Tan Sri Annuar should be the deputy presidents.

  2. Tengku Mahkota patut kembali ke FAM, FAM ini dah nak hancur.. Pengalaman Tengku Mahkota dalam AFC dan FIFA memang berguna .. Daulat Tuanku

  3. Reshuffling the cabinet is very healthy for the nation...as we move towards Malaysia as a future World Cup Finals host.

    For the Game. For the World.

  4. Tan Sri Annuar Musa (OK), Datuk Redzuan Sheikh Ahmad (Pls leave FAM, we don't need Gerakan Anti Redzuan or GAR to be formed) Datuk Raja Ahmad Zainuddin (he had enough), Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim (Might be) and Datuk Mokhtar (not him please) have been nominated for the Deputy President position. I strongly support for HRH Tg Abdullah to make a come back.


  5. Annuar Musa dan Tengku Mahkota gandingan mantap FAM

  6. Diminta pertimbangan Tengku Mahkota untuk kembali ke FAM ... Ampun Tuanku

  7. Siapa lagi ada pengalaman dalam FIFA dan AFC kalau bukan Tengku Mahkota.
    Beliau patut kembali ke FAM ...
    Ampun Tuanku

  8. Tengku Mahkota and Tan Sri Annuar are the best bet for deputy president. The rest tak boleh harap. Tengku Mahkota was the man in revamping the youth development and heading the department. It was he who brought K.Rajagopal into FAM. But then again he must have the right general with him. Some general can give the wrong advise and he might lose the war.

    Jaiho Tuanku

  9. Bro TM is the man la bro... tak payah bising bising semua, who can claim the kind of personality and stature and character he has bro. I am sure you know better