Oct 31, 2013


Every year, multi-talented Malaysian football administrators are being wooed by foreign clubs and nations to chart their fortunes. Such brain-drainage of Malaysians with technical skills and knowledge simply has no ending.

This is not only a big loss to the nation in terms of human capital, but indeed a tragic one. Tragic because while their ‘expertise’ is well recognised and capitalised on by foreign nations local football governing bodies at state and national levels seems to have turned a blind eye on them.

Three Malaysians have so far made the exodus before this and now 51-year-old Jeysing Gnana Kannu Muthiah, a former physical education lecturer in local universities-turned FIFA administrator, joins the growing list of those ‘lured’ for their  best knowledge of the game’.

A father of three teenage girls, Jeysing will take up the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Myanmar Professional League which has been in existence since 2009.
It seems, the Myanmar FA, just knows ‘where and who’ to pick as the best brains to turn their football fortunes around by having at the helm of a professional league someone far-refined on the international scene.

Prior to this, Malaysians have seen Windsor Paul John appointed as Deputy General-Secretary of the Asian Football Confederation, Kelly Sathiraj the former Football  Association of Malaysia Assistant General Secretary moved to AFC, Former MSL CEO Stuart Ramalingam also with AFC. And then, there’s Mohammed Saifuddin Abu Bakar who is now the Technical Consultant of Competitions and Pro League with Oman FA and Michelle Chai who is working in UAE. 

While it cannot be denied that ‘good perks’ are an added motivational factor, the fact remains clear that Malaysian-born football administrators are well sought after in the Asian  market.Jeysing holds a diploma in sports psychology, degree in physical education (University Putra Malaysia) and masters in management from the International Islamic University Malaysia.

A keen athlete himself, having excelled in athletics, swimming and football in his younger days, Jeysing has been a FIFA Coordinator for several international tournaments over the years. He last posting was as the Local Organising Committee (LOC) Consultant for the 2012 FIFA Futsal World Cup held in Thailand.

Though it is sad to see several Malaysians leaving our shores for long-term assignments, they have nevertheless done us proud as Malaysians. We are proud of you too, Jeysing!

All the Best!


  1. How lah bro,
    Look what they doing to Datuk Raja!! Like lions chewing on a zebra still alive and kicking.

  2. Congratulations to Jeysing and the Myanmar Football Federation for the progress you will make together, and also to the Football Association of Malaysia, the Olympic Council of Malaysia, and the entire sport and education system in that country for producing quality sports leaders like Jeysing.

    Steve DeVoss, President, Global Sports Partners

  3. Talented Malaysians are "pinched" to other countries. Well, when opportunities are not available within your own shores, there is other shores to consider.