Apr 5, 2011

A letter to Member Associations of ASEAN Football Federation (AFF).

My Dear ASEAN Brothers,

That’s what we are, that’s what we have been, that’s what we should be, and always remain being.

I come before you as a protagonist of 1ASEAN, appealing to each one of you my brothers in football, to reignite the flame of ASEAN solidarity and lift this spirit above our own frailties and agendas, and let it soar to heights we have yet to scale

To be a force in the world, it’s imperative that we have to first be a force within our own fraternity. We cannot, my dear brothers, confront and face our challenges with huge holes or gaps in our armour. We need to stand shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, with one heart and one mind.

I am ready to face the challenges that confront the ASEAN Football Federation. I have the heart and the will for it. Football runs in my veins, it’s this passion that has kept me in the game and resolute in the face of adversity. But that’s football; it always demands the very best of any good leader.

Football unites. And this is what I want to do first in AFF. But I cannot do this on my own. I need each and every one of you to pick up the loose ends, and weave them back so tightly that the very fabric that keeps us entwined together will not come asunder again. For United we stand, Divided we fall.

My dear brothers, ASEAN football has the potential of breaking out from its ranks and making waves in Asia and the world. We must believe in ourselves, that we have what it takes to be a competitor in the World Cup one day. I believe we can do it. Even if it doesn’t happen in my tenure as AFF President, God willing if I am elected that is, then I would very much like to kick start this dream and leave a legacy behind.

I already have some ideas on how we can start helping one another develop into respectable football nations. And just as importantly through our ASEAN football brotherhood, we can help our respective countries, through our strong network and solidarity, to further develop in the socio-economic area as well.


For that to happen my dear brothers, we need to all be playing in the same team.

With warmest regards,

Presidential Candidate – Sultan Ahmad Shah

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