Jan 20, 2010


THE SAM executive committee are hoping to raise funds to cover the organisational expenses for the SAM Awards (luncheon) next month and to boost our savings.
As such, members are invited to assist towards this cause by selling tables at a cost of RM3,500 (per table). For each table sold, the member concern would receive a RM500 commission.
Members who wish to help out should contact SAM president - Ahmad Khawari Isa. They must follow procedures and must obtain a covering letter issued from the SAM office (by president only) before any transaction can be processed.
Members are allowed to sell more than one table but should get the endorsement of the SAM president before they can proceed with the transactions.. The member will receive the commission (RM500 for each transaction) only after the full amount RM3,500 is received by SAM.
The tentative dates chosen for the SAM Awards is Feb 20 or 21 (Sat/Sun) and the proposed venue is at PJ Hilton. Unlike previous years, the exco have decided to host the SAM Media Awards over lunch (11.45am- 2.45pm).
The proposed number of tables for the SAM Media Awards - 25 tables.

Currently, we have about 120 SAM members (should fill up 10 tables) and another five tables for invited guest and VIPS. The remaining 10 tables will be put on sale to cover the cost of expenses on a first come first serve basis.
The exco are prepared to open up more tables pending on the response of members towards the Media Awards.
As time is not on our side and with the Chinese New Year Festival on Feb 14, the members would have to finalise all transactions by the first week of February.


  1. Shouldnt SAM be streamlining or clearly defining which circle of people or industry that they want to sell tables to. I am quite sure if we leave it to the present members, given their level of intelligence and calibre, we might get all and sundry, riff raff, nasi lemak sellers assoc, etc attending this awards. But really, in the days of yore, SAM didnt have to cough out money to organise these events, sponsors were just scrambling to be a part of SAM activities then. But anyway all the best to Khawari and gang, I dont think he can do any worse than his most recent predecessors.

    Hugo Boss

  2. Saya setuju dengan Hugo Boss, kena streamline kalau tidak akan hilang kilauan anugerah SAM.